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Before You Post

This blog discourages anonymous comments. I am hoping that visitors to this site (and by extension, my home) offer some respect to me and everyone else by telling us who you are. It’s the human and decent thing to do.

If you believe in your opinion, you validate it by standing by it with your real name, and real email address.

Lively and intelligent discussion is encouraged, but I believe that this is only worthwhile when everyone treat each other with honesty and respect. I would hate not to post well thought out and intelligent messages because you didn’t give your identity.

Additionally, I believe much more can be achieved, and your message can be more appreciated if you are offer your opinion nicely. So be nice.

If you post anonymously and or if I think you’re being a little too nasty, it will not be posted. Your understanding is much appreciated.

If this meets with your disapproval, the Internet is a democratic place. Please feel free to set up your own place elsewhere and write in any manner you may please.

I have written a much more extensive article on why I discourage anonymous writers, and what my criteria is for “anonymous” in the link below: