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Inking Sample

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In connection with my previous post, I would like to share an image that compares Leinil\’s pencils with my inks, taken from a panel detail from Civil War 2 #4. As you can see, more than just \”tracing\” is going on. In fairness to Leinil, most of his pencils aren\’t like this. As with any […]

Being An Inker

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I\’ve finally finished the inks on all 5 issues of Civil War II and I\’m really glad I got to ink every single interior page of it, with no line rushed or thrown away. It really feels good that I get to accomplish a book in this way, working on all pages without the need […]

When I was very young my dad shared a can of beer with me. It was nice, but I didn\’t enjoy it. Later, he would allow me sips of the hard stuff. I didn\’t enjoy it either. By not forbidding alcohol, I think my dad actually diffused a curiosity about it that could have led […]