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In 2009 I created and uploaded a video called \”Hey, Baby!\” to You Tube. It\’s just a series of short shots of me around the house smiling at the camera. That\’s it. I didn\’t use content created by another party, nor did I use music created by any other party. In fact, my video didn\’t […]

Half Kidding

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For those who actually read my last post, which was my April Fool\’s thing for this year… you might be interested to know that I was only half kidding. I do feel that way about social media, about Twitter and mostly Facebook. Except for approving a few tags, I actually haven\’t posted anything myself in […]

As you may have probably noticed, I really don\’t post much on this blog anymore. Most people who have been active as bloggers have shifted to Twitter and Facebook to update their friends. In my case though, I haven\’t been posting THAT much to Twitter and Facebook already. I don\’t know, I guess I\’m just […]