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Ranty Rant

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Looking back on this blog, I realized how much of a ranty rant I was. At the same time, I suffered from hypertension. I was also mad a lot of the time. It wasn\’t good. I started to rant less. Sure, things still bothered me, but more and more I just close my eyes, go […]

\”Sandali ng Katotohanan\” (Moment of Truth) is a short story that\’s both written and drawn by legendary Filipino komiks creator Nestor Redondo (Rima, Swamp Thing) for Espesyal Komiks #102, September 3, 1956. \”Sandali ng Katotohanan\” tells the story of matador Paco Salazar, renowned for his cowardice during bullfights. It isn\’t until he gets some encouraging […]

Here\’s another short story illustrated by one of the Philippines\’ best but relatively unknown komiks illustrators, Emilio \”Emil\” D. Rodriguez. This is a story of how Venus lost her arms as researched and written by Deo C. Gonzales. The source material wasn\’t that good as some of the edges are missing, but I just couldn\’t […]