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Above is the poster that won a contest held to celebrate the 6th Festival International de la Bande Dessinée à Alger (FIBDA), or the International Comics Festival of Algeria. Through Laurent Melikian, I was invited to attend the festival, which begins October 8 and ends October 12. There, I will unofficially represent the Philippines, bringing […]

Yep, I\’m letting go a few more original inked art to Indestructible Hulk! Just so you know exactly what you\’re getting, Leinil Francis Yu emails me the pencils, which I then print out on Marvel Art Boards using blue ink. I then ink on that. I scan the finished art, and that\’s the inked artwork […]

The Internet certainly has changed quite a lot ever since I went online in 1997. From that time forward up to now, I consider myself a pretty heavy Internet user, open to trying a lot of new things. I did the Geocities, I did the Friendster, I did the MySpace, I did YouTube and DeviantArt […]

Today is a sad day. I\’m waiting for the vet. My dog Boney, who has been with me since 2008, is so sick that she\’s beyond saving. She needs to be put down. I\’ve had many dogs in my life and they all died one by one on their own. Some were just too old, […]