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I think this was around 1994 or so. The break up with my girlfriend at the time was still rather fresh in my mind. I was still hurting, but the same time, I was indescribably lonely. Perhaps I was just simply love starved. Having stopped drawing comics completely, I returned to the office grind for […]

One of my biggest influences was Alfredo Alcala, after being blown away upon seeing a 2 page spread from Voltar for the very first time. Almost immediately I latched on to the \”insane detail\” technique which I\’ve now used all my life. That spread appeared in a world encyclopedia of comics at my high school […]

Where/How to Buy Indie Komiks Online

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The previous blog entry \”The Evolution of the Philippine Indie Comic Book\” has elicited a comment from a reader asking where they can buy these comic books online. That\’s an absolutely fair question. One common feedback that creators mostly get is that their work isn\’t easily accessible. How does one from Davao or Palawan, or […]

Photo by Gio Paredes What began as a small movement of self published comics in 1993 has now grown into something people least expected: an ongoing thriving industry that has produced hundreds upon hundreds of individual titles. But make no mistake, while this industry is very small compared to what our old industry was like […]