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\”Keep an open mind.\” That\’s the thing I kept repeating to myself for days leading up to the day I watched Man of Steel. I carefully avoided all the spoilers, and from whatever comments made by other people, I tried not to let it affect my own judgment. SPOILERS AHEAD! There was a lot to […]

Browsing Facebook today, I found an obituary marking the passing of one of the great pioneering Filipino komiks illustrators, Tenny (Teny) Henson. The obituary states he died on April 15, 2013 at the age of 82. I feel extraordinarily sad at his passing. I am a huge fan of his work, and I\’ve been looking […]

Komiks Artist Vergil Espinosa Needs Your Help

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Bayan Knights artist Vergil Espinosa was recently hospitalized for kidney failure, which requires expensive dialysis treatment. Vergil\’s cousin Etey Buendia is holding a fundraising called \”Superhero Run for daVerge\” (daVerge is Vergil\’s DeviantArt handle) to raise awareness and funds. From Etey\’s Facebook post: Dear family and friends, please support me in my \”Superhero Run for […]

It is truly the end of an era. After 25 long years at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Pugad Baboy and Pol Medina Jr. move out. It is almost overwhelming to comprehend the significance of this culturally and historically. Pugad Baboy, hand in hand with the PDI, brought a unique and often hilarious point of view […]

Someone added me recently to a Star Trek group in Facebook. It made me realize how much of a Trekkie I am. A Trekkie for much of my life, actually. I dug up this rather long piece I wrote about Star Trek in 2004, expressing my anguish at the cancellation of ENTERPRISE after only 4 […]

This is the Pugad Baboy strip that got Pol Medina fired from the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Click for Larger Image I use the term \”fired\” because it is the same term that Pol Medina himself uses to describe his situation in Facebook in this post. Whether he is truly fired or simply suspended, remains to […]