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After Summer Komikon, it\’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY (FCBD) on May 4! Just as the title of the event says, if you attend this event, you\’ll get FREE comics! Specially if you come early. And just like Komikon, FCBD in the Philippines has slowly become bigger and bigger. As far as I know, there are […]

The Cebu Comicon is going to be on August 16-17 at the J Centere Mall, Fortuna St, Bakilid in Mandaue, Cebu City. Although I would very much like to attend this one (I was there for the first one in 2010), I would be unable to attend this time around. However, my newly republished comic […]

Ever since I was really small, there was only one superpower I ever wanted. I wanted to fly. I\’ve always been fascinated by the sky. As a kid I dreamed that when I rode a plane, I\’d take a paper bag with me so I can capture some clouds that I can bring home and […]

Click for Larger Image. Photo by Skyworld. \”Insane\” is such an overused word to describe Komikon. I used that word a lot. But I\’m honestly at a loss to use any other word to perfectly describe it. Well, perhaps \”INSANER\” would be apt. Because that\’s just how it was. This thing just keeps getting bigger […]

This Saturday is Summer Komikon 2013. By all indications, the biggest Summer Komikon so far. This is based on the amount of new releases, and the increased amount of exhibitor space that can be seen on the map. They\’re also starting to regularly feature foreign creators as guests! I can already tell that the Bayanihan […]

Not an April Fool\’s Gag. This is really happening. See you at Summer Komikon! :) Wasted will finally see a reprint this year and will launch at the Summer Komikon on April 13, 2013! For many years Wasted has been available completely for free to read online in various formats here. But I\’ve got numerous […]