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People can\’t help but want to control how other people live their lives. That\’s it. Think very hard about that. It pretty much applies to every conflict, prejudice, bigotry and hate. It applies to everyone of every belief (and non-belief) be it religious or political. People just can\’t help but want to control what others […]

Original Comic Book Art Sale

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To fund a few upcoming projects, including one that would hopefully come out at Summer Komikon next month, I\’m letting go a few original inked pages from AVX VS, Avenging Spider-man, Ultimate Avengers, Superior and Supercrooks. If you\’re interested please email me at gerryalanguilan at yahoo dot com if you wish to see the list. […]

Nowadays it\’s only natural to see multiple page previews of comics coming out in two or three (or eve more) months. You know what the covers and what the first few pages would look like way in advance. In the 80\’s during the height of my comic book fandom, we did get to see a […]

What have I been up to? Well, speaking for today at least, I\’m recovering from this disgustingly hideous fucking boil that\’s decided to erupt on my butt. Now that may seem funny to you, but it isn\’t. It really isn\’t. Since I spend a lot of my time sitting down writing and drawing, taking a […]