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Did you guys catch that awesome meteor that streaked through the skies of Russia last February 15? Wasn\’t that just INSANE? Well, if you haven\’t seen it yet… Again, I ask, wasn\’t that just insane? The crazy thing is, nobody, not NASA scientists, not amateur skywatchers, not anybody knew this was coming until it burned […]

Everywhere I go in this hometown of mine I see laws being broken left and right. Worse, they are being committed by people in power and those aspiring to be in power. This is most evident come election time, like right now. I have previously posted a link to the COMELEC rules and guidelines on […]

As soon as I was old enough to do so, I voted. It was a right I was eager and excited to exercise. It\’s part of being in and believing in a Democracy. For many years every time I heard anyone saying they wouldn\’t vote, I always tried to change their mind. \”Every vote counts. […]