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In a few days I\’ll be in Iloilo for the first Iloilo Comics Convention. That\’s not just the reason though, it\’s also a bit of a vacation time for me and Ilyn. A bit of food tripping, a bit of ghost hunting, a bit of sightseeing. But mostly food tripping. I liked my last two […]

Quite a few people have asked me during the signing and through email if I had inked Indestructible Hulk #1. The confusion is understandable because my name doesn\’t appear in the credits of the book. But yes, I did ink all the pages in the issue, and my name was unfortunately left out. They have […]

The December issue of Rogue Magazine carries with it a one page comic strip depicting a short history of Philippine Comics. In it, the writer asserts that Carlo J. Caparas was responsible for the rise of independent comics like my Elmer and Carlo Vergara\’s ZsaZsa Zaturnnah. This is absolutely, any utterly UNTRUE. Carlo J. Caparas […]

An article I wrote came out in the Philippine Daily Inquirer not too long ago. I will be posting the complete unedited article after my post below. I almost declined writing the article because I was too busy, but I immediately realized the opportunity to talk positively about the state of Philippine comics. TWENTY YEARS […]

Out of the blue a week or so ago, I was approached by a Japanese going by the name of Harukichi (he gave me his real name but I think he prefers to be called by his handle), who said he had bought and read ELMER and seeing that Elmer #1 was being offered for […]

The first Iloilo Comics Convention is going to be held on December 2, 2012 at the Robinson\’s Place Iloilo, Corner De Leon & Quezon Streets, Iloilo City. The event will be from 10am to 9pm. I\’ll be there to promote ELMER. National Book Store will be on hand of course, and although there\’s no definite […]

People will still probably remember (and recently a few of them reminded me they do) the good old days of heated debates on this blog. Yeah, that was quite something, wasn\’t it? I was pretty opinionated back then, and yes, I still am today. But there is a difference. Towards the end of those days […]

Click for Larger Image Beyond Komikon: Young creators bring komiks to life http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/280371/lifestyle/literature/beyond-komikon-young-creators-bring-komiks-to-life Just a few years ago, many people were stumped on how to revive the Komiks industry. Here on this blog, I said that we should stop dreaming of ever expecting komiks to go back to the old golden days where komiks sold […]

More than a few people have said they were either scared or intimidated by me. I was never told in person, but always through a friend, or through Ilyn, or through a Facebook/Twitter post or blog entry. To be honest, I\’m not really too surprised. I have been told I had this mean look in […]