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Click for Larger Image It was a pleasant surprise to see a few titles that were content appropriate for young children at the Komikon. Curiously enough, they were on booths next to each other. I would have to explain my choice of Robert Magnuson\’s \”Porcupirate Plans the Day\” and \”Boom Boom Clang\” (with Maloi Malibiran-Salumbides) […]

Click for Larger Image Only a few years ago, a lot of the independently produced comic books were of the photocopied and stapled variety. But over the last couple of years, printed trade books collecting such work started to appear with books by Gio Paredes, Michael David, Lyndon Gregorio and Tepai Pascual. At this year\’s […]

Komikon 2012 was yesterday, and although I was only able to spend a few hours in the afternoon, I was very happy to see how much this convention has grown. It now occupies the hallways and adjoining conference rooms to make for a much bigger event. I took my camera and just went around taking […]

Click for Larger Image Two comics related events this Saturday, October 27. The first being the biggest local comics convention for the past 8 years, KOMIKON at Bayanihan Center in Pasig. It will we open from 10am to 7:00pm The second is a book signing by American comics artist, illustrator and painter Kent Williams at […]

Writing about more personal thoughts and experiences on this blog has been really good. I plan to do it more. In many ways I go back to the roots of my online journal writing. In the early days, personal stuff was all I talked about. Back in 1997 I still considered it a diary that […]

It was very traumatic for me to leave San Pablo in 1978 to study in Manila. All my friends were in San Pablo and I was very attached to this place (I still am). We moved into this apartment near V. Mapa High School in San Miguel. It was no fun there. The landlords felt […]

During the first couple of weeks of September I was flat on my back in bed with the flu. I\’ve had the flu lots of times before during my life, so it was just one of those things that I had thought would come and go and be quickly forgotten. Life just moves on. I […]

Don\’t ask me why, but it\’s just one of those times I just suddenly remembered something from a long time ago, one of those times that I almost died. I must have been a really restless child. I suppose most children are. I figure I was around 7 or 8, and one of the things […]

Today, October 3, 2012, The Philippine Cybercrime Law of 2012 goes into effect. The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines Article III: BILL OF RIGHTS Section 4. No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and […]