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I\’ve gotten quite a few emails from aspiring writers asking how can they either make their own comic books or how can they break into the comics industry. I\’ve decided to write an article about it here because there\’s plenty to say about the matter. Breaking in as a writer in the industry is actually […]

I\’m now currently working on the 2nd issue of The Indestructible Hulk as Leinil Francis Yu\’s inker. I got terribly sick during work on the first issue, but I\’m very glad I was given the opportunity to finish it. So right now I\’m trying to catch up as a lot of pages of #2 need […]

That was an intense two weeks. I got back from Singapore two weeks ago, and although my trip was fantastic and I loved it, I got a very very nasty case of the flu immediately upon returning, and it put me down for the next two weeks. I feel bad for the time I lost, […]