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It\’s just a few hours away from 2012, and as usual at this time, I try to think of all the things I was a part of during the past year. I have to say that it\’s been a great year for me. I would have to say it\’s one of my best years ever. […]

Click for Larger Image Because even in times of great disaster, people can still use the occasion to scam other people, I\’m naturally very picky about where to send donations. It\’s difficult for me to trust random people who I don\’t know, who for all I know are truly trustworthy. But the problem is, there\’s […]

… BUT ONLY IF WE LET IT. Once again, misinformed people in media keep parroting that Carlo J. Caparas is a National Artist. Now, I want to give these people the benefit of the doubt, and be kind and say that they are simply \”misinformed\”. But it is a lie nevertheless, whether it is intentional […]

Click for Larger Image. Kathrine Cristostomo (Academia de San Ignacio de Loyola) , winner in the Children\’s Category One of the 3rd San Pablo City Comics Festival main events was an art contest with two categories, Children\’s and Young Adults. Since I was from San Pablo and was familiar with how art contests are usually […]

This is a nice Christmas komiks story from writer A.S. Vel and illustrator Emil Rodriguez. I received this story as a loose comics supplement that came with no date or any other publishing info. But based on the creators involved, I would hazard a guess that this was published around early 1960s. Komiks released during […]

Featured creators include Gio Paredes, Paolo Fabregas and Budjette Tan. Mabuhay ang Pinoy Komiks!

Comic book artist Jason Pearson\’s disturbing post at Facebook yesterday brings to light the plight of many working (or not working) in comics today. It\’s a hard hard business. There has been a seismic shift in the comics industry that occured over the last 10 years. On one hand one can point a finger at […]

Click here to read the entire story. An art gallery of Filipino Komiks creator Ruben Yandoc, also known as \”Rubeny\”, has been uploaded up at the Philippine Comics Online Museum. Click here or on the link below to see a gallery of his Philippine work, which includes collaborations with other writers and stories he wrote […]

Click for Larger Image Four indie komiks creators will have a signing this Saturday at Sputnik, Cubao X, Cubao, Quezon City this Saturday, December 10 from 8pm to 12 midnight. Creators include Gio Paredes, who just released his first Kalayaan TPB, Macoy Tang of School Run, Mascot and Operasyon, and the Work-in-Progress duo of Teddy […]

Click for Larger Image Long before Nestor Redondo embarked on his tabloid sized adaptation of the Bible for DC comics in 1975, he worked on a much more massive Bible adaptation, published through his own publishing company, Redondo Komiks in 1968. The adaptation was serialized on a one every two week basis, 4-5 pages each […]

My Last Talk

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Earlier today I was at a university in Lucena giving a talk about my career in comics. I had a really great time. The kids there were great, the faculty and the Quezon Chapter of the United Architects of the Philippines who invited me were very accommodating and hospitable. All in all it was a […]

Waking up Saturday morning and seeing the sun shine all my worries about the day disappeared. Normally, I\’m a worrier, but I just let it go. Whatever happens will happen. If it rains, whatever, I\’ll just sing. lalala. It did drizzle a bit, but thankfully it was short and in the end, I think we […]

The 3rd San Pablo City Comics Festival is happening TODAY!! See you there! Click for Super Large Image YES! The 3rd San Pablo City Comics Festival is finally happening. You may recall the first festival happened in 2003 at the Mariño Residence along Sampalok Lake. The second one in 2009 at Lion\’s Club, also along […]