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Right off the bat on October 1, 2011 (That\’s TODAY!), The Second Cebu Comics Convention is being held at the University of the Philippines, Cebu. Click on this page for more info. Event Page on Facebook. I wish they would update their official site though, at least for the benefit of those not on Facebook. […]

One of the most frequent questions I get from aspiring artists is, \”How do I find work at Marvel and DC comics?\” It\’s a fair question because it\’s something I myself asked many years ago when I wanted to start drawing comics. Having worked in the industry now for almost 20 years, and having worked […]

For those familiar with this site, I\’ve been running a protest agaist former President GMA\’s addition of Carlo J. Caparas to the roster of Philippine National Artists. Because of a supreme court ruling, the conferment of the title to CJC was stopped, and the case is left pending. That\’s how it stands now. So no, […]

There are times in the year when I get a flurry of emails from students asking to interview me for their projects and thesis. More often than not, they spread out at least 20 questions, many of which are similar between each other, requiring me to sit down and answer individually, typing the same things […]

I\’m finally back online after being off for a while. But I wish I came with happier news. Last September 10, Filipino Komiks Illustrator Tor Infante died of a massive stroke in Manila. He was only 54. He\’s just a little over 10 years older than me, so our difference in our generation is not […]

The RH Bill is a hot topic in the Philippine for the past several months. In fact, it\’s so hot that it\’s become quite divisive, forcing many people, who would otherwise stay quiet, to draw the line. I\’m one of them. This is not about comics, but I feel I need to offer my opinion […]

Filipino comic book creator RH Quilantang has posted something on his site that I feel I want to comment on. Apparently, someone had all but swiped his character \”Manila Man\” and he\’s trying to spread the word. I feel that I need to help because the guy doing the swiping seems to have some kind […]