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I\’ve been talking about Kulawo on Twitter for quite some time now. When I was younger, I didn\’t appreciate this exotic dish which my mom used to make a lot. Only later when I got older and my taste for food had gotten more evolved did I appreciate it. I also learned only recently that […]


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When your objective arguments are countered by personal, fact deficient and anonymous attacks, it only indicates how laughably mentally deficient and pathetic these people are. They cannot argue logically or even rationally. So they attack. LAUGHABLE. I win. Hahaha! This is me. Laughing at YOU.

Because many in Philippine media seem to be struggling keeping up with the FACTS, let me remind them that Carlo J. Caparas is NOT A NATIONAL ARTIST. At the very least not yet. The supreme court decision to hold that title from CJC is still IN EFFECT. I fail to understand why the opposite continues […]


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This post has nothing to do with comics. This is just me thinking about things, as I would often do when my mind wanders. When I\’m having lunch there\’s this cat that hangs outside our backdoor wall, waiting to be fed. He\’s not our cat. I don\’t think he\’s anyone\’s cat. I\’ve seen him around […]

Guys… apologies for the lack of updates. The trip to San Diego had been extraordinarily exhausting and it\’s taken me at the very least two weeks to almost fully recover. There were days back there that I literally couldn\’t stand up. But I\’ll be back posting regularly soon, and once again begin posting my \”100 […]