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Things are happening with National Artist issue that exploded in the news and in this blog in 2009. I\’ve been quietly keeping tabs on what is going on, constantly scouring the news for any development. You see, I do this because I meant every damned word I said in this blog and this is an […]

Mark Torres Signing at Comic Odyssey + Lunch at Mercato Centrale

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Filipino comic book illustrator Mark Torres has quietly been working away at IDW, one of America\’s biggest independent comic book companies. His latest book is Zombies vs Robots, written by Chris Ryall. He will be having a signing at Comic Odyssey, Robinson\’s Galleria Branch this coming Saturday, April 30, 2011 at Comic Odyssey from 1-5pm. […]

Noticing a lack of audio podcasts on the subject of Philippine Komiks, Johnny Danganan, Jonas Diego and I decided to do what we hope to be are weekly one hour weekly podcasts. Podcasts were difficult for us to do before (we have done several in the past) because we had to meet to do them. […]

Breaking from my usual disaster and catastrophe dreams, I had a particularly lightweight dream last night. I\’m only mentioning this because it involved komiks, the first time komiks has ever intruded into my dreams. Komiks and acting. I think it\’s got to do with the first anniversary of our \”Tin-Tin, 15\” Short Film shooting that\’s […]


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It\’s both puzzling and frustrating communicating online more and more. I\’m getting the impression people just don\’t read stuff anymore. It\’s as if they\’re literally blind to what\’s written right in front of them. Over the last day alone, two separate people wrote to me asking a different question each. I answered both questions directly. […]

To bring the topic back to comics, let me post a short story here written by Deo C. Gonzales, and beautifully illustrated by the great Noly Panaligan (Payaso, Sherlock Holmes), depicting Leonardo Da Vinci\’s creation of The Last Supper. This story appeared during Holy Week, March 28, 1959, on the pages of Tagalog Klasiks, published […]

Ok, this post has nothing to do with comics. I really don\’t talk about politics or religion in this blog, unless it has something to do with comics. But I would like to make an exception now. If talk of RELIGION puts you off or offends you in any way, please feel free to skip […]

It is just as the title says… FREE COMICS will be given away on Free Comic Book Day, which falls on the first Saturday of every May for the last 10 years! This year it will be on May 7, 2011. This is not simply a local event. This is a coordinated worldwide event happening […]

It\’s a couple of days late (I had to finish off killing, I mean inking a Superhero), but here it is, my photo blitzkreig of the 3rd Summer Komikon held at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig, Metro Manila, last April 16, 2011. Unfortunately, I didn\’t get to shoot the video as I was planning, but […]

The Haircut

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I\’m quite surprised at the reaction my recent haircut has been getting. At the recent Komikon (post forthcoming), a few people made a big deal of it. A few people thought I was sick, and a few thought I was maybe giving a statement (since everything artists do must have some kind of profound reason). […]

It\’s the 3rd Summer Komikon this Saturday, April 16 at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig. Where is that? Do I have a map? Click on the link below for all the info on getting there. How to Get to Summer Komikon! http://komikon.deviantart.com/#/d399oor Click for Larger Image I\’ll be hanging out at table A09 with Jonas […]

Several of the country\’s foremost women cartoonists will be special guests at next week\’s 3rd Summer Komikon at the Bayanihan Center in Pasig. They include: Sherry Lee Baet-Zamar, Tepai Pascual, Steph Bravo-Semilla, Carmina Fajardo Romualdez, Armida Francisco Rad, Joanah Tinio-Calingo, Hazel Manzano, Elizabeth T. Chionglo, and Aileen P. Casis. Check out the link below for […]

Omeng Estanislao posted this drawing on Facebook, depicting scenes from a local comics convention. Please go ahead and click on the image for a much much larger look at the drawing. What\’s great about this is that many working cartoonists and comics artists are depicted scattered all throughout the floor. And they look like us! […]

I\’m thankful that news of ELMER has gotten around the press, but I do want to address a grievous error that has accompanied it. Apparently, I\’m being credited as being the creator of Lastikman. Which is just not true at all. Lastikman was created by Mars Ravelo long before I was born. And in my […]

I actually found out about it last week when my publisher (SLG) sent an email congratulating me about it. I was asked not to share it yet until it was announced but for an entire week I was just reeling from the news. I still am. To be honest, it wasn\’t something I really thought […]

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