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Elmer #2 Video Diary (Tagalog)

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Rummaging through old DVD-roms I stumbled upon a series of video diaries I took way back 2006 where I talked about creating Elmer #2. I had forgotten taking them and was only reminded when I saw the DVDs. Taking a deep breath to listen to them (I still can\’t watch myself and my own voice […]

Many people have asked me how do they break into comics, more specifically places like Marvel and DC. Let me give you an idea of the time frame. The first time I dreamed of working for Marvel Comics was 1986. I finally got the job at Marvel as an inker in 1997. From 1986 to […]

Ivan WHO, you say? Ivan is a French dude with an interesting connection with the Philippines. He is a comics writer and illustrator based in France, who visits the Philippines regularly because of family based in Palawan. He feels a close affinity to Filipinos and Philippine culture, and it shows in the comic books that […]

One trend I\’ve been noticing that many creators in the local independent comics industry are doing is this way they balloon their lettering. They\’re almost always using perfect ovals. I can only assume that they use the Elliptical Marquee Tool in Photoshop. After asking around a few creators I can confirm that this is the […]

I\’ve been on fan mode lately, buying bargain comics at Comic Odyssey\’s 20 peso (Buy 5 Take 1) comics sale. It\’s not an event thing. It\’s an everyday thing at Comic Odyssey so you can walk in any branch of the store (as well as branches of Planet X) at any time and you will […]

In 1994 I came up with a Darna story, during a time in my life when I was still reeling from having read Alan Moore\’s Marvelman. Inspired deeply by that story, I wanted to see if I could write a short Darna story aspiring to have that kind of sensibility. I felt back then, as […]