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I\’m not even going to explain that quote. Just watch the new Doctor Who. It\’s awesome TV that you are missing right now. News is, Wizard Magazine is closing after 20 years. I understand that the magazine has had quite a troubled recent past. They\’ve already laid off people, but holding on to a few […]

Save your money! Buy comics at Sputnik on January 29, 2011! Let me vandalize your stuff! You know you want to!

The other day I decided to cook some rice pilaf. Now I don\’t know what rice pilaf is. The first time I heard it was from Jack Tripper on Three\’s Company. I saw it again on a few menus and during the last time I ate at Cibo. It\’s just rice…. with stuff. Maybe rosemary. […]

It\’s the evening of January 1, 2011 as I write this, feeling slightly depressed. Unlike many people, I loved 2010 and I\’m sad to see it go. I understand that 2010 was a bad year for a lot of folks, but it was a very good year for me. It\’s quite a relief because 2007 […]