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It\’s been brought to my attention, a few hours after I posted my last blog entry, that the artwork used for the cover of United Komiks #54 from February 5, 1966 was shamelessly swiped from an illustration by John Richard Flanagan. I think it\’s pretty much unarguable from my point of view. It is indeed […]

It\’s sad to wake up to news that one of my komiks heroes, Pablo S. Gomez has passed away. Contrary to what others may claim, Pablo Gomez was to me, unarguably, the most prolific komiks writer in the history of Philippine komiks. Imagine this: he started writing stories in 1949, and he continued writing until […]

Woke up at 5 in the morning and decided to continue my reading of Russell T. Davies\’ \”A Writer\’s Tale\”. I\’m up to the chapter where he writes the finale to Doctor Who\’s 4th Series and how he had to cut the origin of Davros, the creator of the Daleks. I found myself falling asleep […]

Hey everybody! Merry Christmas! Yes, MERRY CHRISTMAS! Because that\’s what it is, isn\’t it? Yes, it\’s a happy holiday, but WHAT happy holiday? Valentines? New Year? Hanukkah? No, it\’s CHRISTMAS! Why deny it? Why hide it? I continue to be flabbergasted that the evil claws of political correctness would have me reduce Christmas into something […]

Friends will be coming over today. I\’ll be cooking a chicken dish called \”Adobong Manok sa Gata\”. I just recently learned how to do it, after getting over my confusion about the fact that there\’s an adobo dish that doesn\’t use soy sauce, just vinegar and coconut milk. My dad says it\’s adobo so who […]

I\’m currently inking Ultimate Comics Avengers Vol 4 #1, in between Superior #4 and 5. Taking more inking jobs is insane, but I don\’t mind. I don\’t get to ink all the pages because Leinil\’s pencils are absolutely intense with details, but it seems they got pretty good inkers to help out. Now all this […]

Over the last few years more and more new and promising Filipino comic book creators are appearing in the local scene. Even as indie creators multiply like mushrooms with every passing comics convention, one can now easily discern those few who create comics with extraordinary quality. One of these is Rommel \”Omeng\” Estanislao. I\’ve been […]

Early in 2009 I finished an eight-page superhero story called \”Last Hope\”. It was kind of a breakthrough for me because it was the first superhero story I wrote that worked to my satisfaction. For years I didn\’t know how to write superheroes and it showed as I struggled to do Timawa during the last […]