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The 1st Cebu Comics Convention was held at the Ayala Mall in Cebu on September 25, 2010. I have been corresponding with a few comics creators from the area and I\’ve always known there was a lively community of creators and fans over there for many years. I finally met John Amor, one of the […]

An illustration from Roni Escauriaga, creator of Superdog. Thanks Roni! This is an awesome tribute. ************* Marco Arnel Coching Exhibit Marco Arnel Coching, grandson of of the late master artist-writer and Dean Of Philippine Illustrators, Francisco V. Coching, will hold his first one man show of abstract and modern painting in acrylic and oil. With […]

There have been rumblings in the industry about individuals planning to save Philippine komiks through the passing of a law concerning comic books. Long time visitors to this blog would remember two bills that were submitted by former Presidential candidate Manny Villar to the Senate in 2007 that would be beneficial to the industry of […]

I\’m getting the sad news from Randy Valiente\’s blog that longtime Filipino komiks writer and editor Ramon Marcelino has passed away early today. Condolences to his friends and family. Ramon Marcelino via Randy Valiente Ramon Marcelino at Komiklopedia.

From September 13 to 14 will be a huge conference in Quezon City on the \”Future of the Book\” organized by the National Book Development Board (NBDB), Filipinas Heritage Library and the Vibal Foundation. It\’s going to be held at the Ayala Techno Hub in Commonwealth Avenue. I was supposed to be a speaker on […]

I\’ve always wanted to be in involved in a Secret Wars/Secret Invasion type \”Everybody\’s Freakin\’ HERE!\” cover so I was glad Leinil handed me this amazing piece to ink. This the original Avengers in the original Avengers Marvel Universe in a mini series called \”I Am An Avenger\”. This is the cover to issue #1, […]

One of the new batch of Filipino comics artists with a unique and quirky style of illustration, Mark Torres is set to launch his new book \”Tales of Fear Agent\” from Dark Horse Comics at Comic Odyssey on September 11, 2010. When I was in school, teachers used to tease me I looked like my […]

When Komikero Ryan Toledo posted this photo up at his Facebook, I couldn\’t help but shed a tear. It\’s been a while since I saw a \”new\” old photo of Arlan, and it reminded me of just how much I missed him. Those of you who bought \”Where Bold Stars Go To Die\” know Arlan […]