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You\’ve seen this artist and his work on titles like Deadpool, Thunderbolts, Star Wars and now Moon Knight and wondered if he was Filipino. The answer is yes, Bong Dazo is a Filipino based in Meycauayan, Bulacan. His new title, Shadowland: Moon Knight #1 will be launched, and Bong himself will be on hand to […]

Not too long ago I had the opportunity to ink four pages of World War Hulks, HULK #23, written by Jeph Loeb, and pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu. I\’m posting them here uncolored because quite a lot of my linework was obscured after printing. That\’s right. I inked MODOK. I came. Several times. My Metro […]

There will be a bunch of artists, both young and veteran (and those somewhere in between) who will be attending the Metro Comic Con this weekend. Those include: Manix Abrera Danny Acuña Gerry Alanguilan Kajo Baldisimo Jomar Bulda Dennis Crisostomo Edwin David Rod Espinosa Jann Galino Ernest Jocson Jun Lofamia Heubert Khan Michael Gilbert Monsanto […]

ELMER Collection from SLG Press Release

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Elmer, the acclaimed graphic novel by Philippine cartoonist Gerry Alanguilan about talking chickens, will finally see print in the United States this November in a new edition released from SLG Publishing. A window into a world where chickens have suddenly acquired the intelligence and consciousness of humans, Elmer tells the story of a family of […]

Comic book retailers! You might be interested in ordering ELMER from SLG Publishing in the upcoming issue of PREVIEWS (it might be out already), where it\’s actually a Featured Item! You can download the online catalog here, where you will find Elmer in page 108. Thanks!! :) Click image to embiggen!

One of the BIG comic book events in the Philippines is now just about around the corner. Metro Comic Con finally happens on the weekend of August 21-22. August 21, a Saturday falls on a holiday so there\’s no school and no offices so there\’s plenty of opportunity to go and visit! I for one […]

When this image appeared on Facebook, I was immediately impressed by the audacity of it. I thought, holy crap, is that what I think it is? Right between the eyes? Insane, these people. It reminded me of Alex Niño, who drew genitalia in his illustrations which few people noticed because they were so awed by […]

I\’m curious about the tradition of tipping at restaurants and hotels. In the US, tipping seems to be mandatory, while in the Philippines, it\’s optional. In the US, you HAVE to tip or else the waiters come after you. If anyone is in the waiting biz, I\’d like to know the rationale behind it. Aren\’t […]

Really. But they had this awesome coffee machine that spits out all kinds of coffee just like that and it was just too tempting to decline when I was offered a cup. And now here I am several hours later with a rumbling stomach, wide awake at 2 in the morning. Well, I am up […]