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It\’s been a while since my last update. I\’ve been busy inking Avengers, as well as a few pages of Hulk somewhere in there. For a couple of days last week I was flat on my back because of a few bastard biscuits that didn\’t seem to agree with me. It spawned all kinds of […]

If you want to learn how to create and publish your own comic book, you can attend the FREE workshop conducted by Jamie Bautista, creator of Cast (Komikon Award winner) and Private Iris (Anvil Award Winner) and publisher of Siglo: Freedom and Siglo: Passion (National Book Award Winners). Jamie Bautista with Arnold Arre Advanced tips […]

Artists included in this signing are Macoy (School Run, Mascot), Andrew Villar (Ambush) and Gio Paredes (Kalayaan). And speaking of Sputnik, the little Cubao store that\’s becoming a mecca of underground and indie comic book creators, it\’s one of the featured locations in Arnold Arre\’s newest short film \”Kaye for Komiks\”. You can see it […]

During the first week of May, I was involved in making this short film on child trafficking and prostitution, directed by Lem Garcellano (Batibot) . I don\’t think it\’s a film for commercial purposes as it will be used for information rather than entertainment. I wrote a little bit about it here. Naturally, I made […]

Only a few hours until this auction ends! Last chance to bid! It\’s very rare that I ever sell any original artwork of my own characters. This is one of the times that I do. It\’s a one page illustration depicting the death of TIMAWA. In this one drawing, he truly does finally die. This […]

Yesterday I received an email from what I assume to be a comics industry colleague, forwarding an article by Buddy Cunanan on why he will be voting for Manny Villar. This post is not a point by point rebuttal of that forwarded article. The truth is, this is not a reaction to that article at […]

For the last couple of days I took a short diversion from comics to participate in the making of a short film called \”Tin-Tin, 15\”, designed to tackle the issue of child trafficking in the country and its devastating effects. I played a really, REALLY bad guy. Johnny Danganan (playing a straight guy), Jonas Diego […]

My first article on the need for serious criticism in local komiks sparked a torrent of discussion not only on this blog but on several other places online. It\’s made me consider a lot of the things I\’ve said in reaction to the comments. What came out of it is a second article in the […]

This is probably my fourth or fifth time to participate in Free Comic Book Day, and it\’s always been at this comics shop in Robinson\’s Galleria in Ortigas called Comic Odyssey. I\’ve maintained good relations with pretty much most of the owners of the different comics shops in the country. It just so happens that […]