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Looking for ELMER and BOLD STARS?

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If you\’re having difficulty finding ELMER and \”Where Bold Stars Go To Die\”, or if you\’re abroad, you can just order copies directly from me. Just send an email to gerryalanguilan@yahoo.com with the subject : ELMER Philippine based buyers will send payment via bank deposit, while those from abroad pays through PAYPAL. More details on […]

Filipino Komiks Illustrator Joey Celerio passed away last Friday, January 15, 2010. He was one of the more popular illustrators to emerge during the 1970\’s when most of the old masters have passed on, moved to the US or have retired and moved on to other things. Below is only a few of the artwork […]

If you are a comics artist wanting to develop yourself as an artist, don\’t just look and read at the same old stuff! VISIT THIS BLOG! The Pictorial Arts http://mydelineatedlife.blogspot.com/ Just a sample of what you\’ll see. This is an awesome illustration of Prince Valiant by the great Hal Foster. Filipino komiks trivia buffs! Did […]

I\’ve received several simultaneous messages on the passing of another Filipino komiks illustrator, Joseph Christian Celerio, more popularly known as Joey Celerio. Joey was at one point one of the most sought after illustrators in the country for his refreshing, dynamic style. Joey was the son of well known composer-lyricist Levi Celerio (\”Ang Pipit\”, \”Pasko […]

PUNNX COMIX Model: JP Cuison Eto na ang pinakawalang kwentang komix sa buong kalawakan!!! Punnx Komix (VIRGIN ISSUE)!!! Mabibili sa \”KOMIKSTRIP\” (1st UP Los Banos Convention). Feb 13, Saturday. CAS ANNEX UPLB, LAGUNA) Bili na dahil collectors item \’to! Makikita niyo na lang sa Ebay to sa year 2025 na Milyon na ang presyo. Bumili […]

As I mentioned in my previous article waaay back in 2006, one of the easiest ways to create comics is to write and draw it yourself (or with a partner), photocopy your work, staple the pages, and there you go! You\’re very own comic book! It\’s as simple as that. That\’s how comics are made […]

http://www.facebook.com/gerryalanguilan At the invitation of a friend I joined Facebook a long time ago. After a few months I didn\’t like it because people I didn\’t like wanted me to add them as my \”friend\”. I closed my account instead. But disturbingly, even though I had closed my account, I could still activate it if […]

For those with short memories, let me remind you. The Anti-Obscenity Bill and What It Means for Artists http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/652 Why I Oppose the Anti-Obscenity Bill http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/866 \”Regardless of the Motive\” Article by Armida Siguion Reyna Sen. Manny Villar on Komiks and Obscenity http://jonasdiego.com/theblurb/2009/07/sen-manny-villar-on-komiks-and-obscenity/ ******************* I cannot have a President whose personal conservative views would seek […]

Gerry Alanguilan waxes poetic about dead bold stars FAYE ILOGON, GMANews.TV 01/08/2010 | 10:17 PM Gerry Alanguilan’s Where Bold Stars Go to Die—which tells the story of young man named Daniel who is obsessed over a dead 80s bold star—is more than what it seems. Despite its title, it’s not just about bold stars. Read […]

Ruel S. De Vera of the Philippine Daily Inquirer picks ELMER as one of the most notable books of 2009. Woo hoo! :) I actually almost missed seeing it. A friend of my dad called him up on Tuesday telling him about the mention in last Monday\’s Inquirer. My dad went to Sta. Rita, our […]

Comics Creation Seminar this January!

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It turns out there\’s a much earlier comics event this year, which is even much better! Wilson Tortosa tells us of a 2-day comics creation seminar from Glass House Graphics this January 30-31 at the College of St. Benilde. Wilson gives tips on how you can get FREE TICKETS at this blog. More more info […]

Very much like 2009, 2010 is insane with comic book events. The first comic book event, KOMIKS TRIP 2010, will be held at the University of the Philippines, Los Baños on February 13, where I\’ll be giving a bit of a talk about comics. Check out the events Facebook page here. KomiksTrip is UPLB\’s first […]