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Regardless of this title that has been unjustly conferred on Carlo J. Caparas, he will never be a National Artist in my eyes, and in the eyes of many of his peers and former collaborators. He can delude himself into thinking he deserves this title, clinging to it like a child clings so savagely to […]

This is an article that came out from the Manila Times in November 21, 2008. I\’m posting a large excerpt of it here, but you can read the entire thing here. DIRECTOR’S CUT By Mao Gia Samonte Celso Ad Castillo: Carlo’s films are tabloid At a party the other day, Celso Ad Castillo and I […]

PICCA Fundraising

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Decrompressed from a text message from Mr. Hugo Yonzon: ************** This Friday na at 7:00pm! (August 28, 2009) Groove to the sound of the 60\’s and 70\’s with the Wildfires. Joel Yonzon front act. Jam tayo after the sets. At Ten-02 Pub at Ybardolaza cor. Timog. P500 for show, beer, and platitong mani. For the […]

I\’m moving this blog post up to remind interested people about the upcoming Komikero meeting this Sunday. How does one become a member of the Komikero Artists Group? The requirements are simple, really. You don\’t even have to know how to draw. You just need to have an enthusiastic interest in art, comics, movies, and […]

To all those who have been privileged enough (or old enough. he.he.) to have read entire runs of CJC\’s komiks stories in the old days, what is your opinion of his writing? For example, have you read the original Panday? The original Pieta? The original Bakekang and Totoy Bato? What is your opinion of his […]

Word of the Lourd: Alagad ng Singit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZiWbyZMR0xA Video by Lourd De Veyra

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This is an article that came out on Today Weekender, dated September 20, 1998, a couple of weeks after Francisco V. Coching passed away. It was an excerpt from a book on Coching that Abe Florendo was writing at the time, a book that at present is yet to be released. In the Artist\’s Salon […]

Allow me to dial it back a bit and take it easy. The case has been submitted to the Supreme Court so all we can do is sit back and wait and see what happens. All throughout this, I have of course been continuing to work on these comics projects. It\’s been kinda crazy. I […]

Apparently, the Book Blockade isn\’t completely over. Books are still being taxed to individuals. They say you can apply for exemption by appearing personally at the DOF. What the fuck is that? Why do you have to file for exemption at all? Tax free is fucking tax free. What is it about \”TAX FREE\” do […]

Here\’s the first batch of reviews of comics that I received during the Metro Comic-Con last August 8-9 at the Megatrade Hall of the SM Megamall. Josel Nicolas is relatively new writer-artist who I\’ve mentioned before in this blog. Based on the work I\’ve seen so far, there\’s literally no one else like him in […]

Vibal Foundation sent over advance copies of the Francisco V. Coching\’s EL INDIO collection and here I am looking at the end product of a project that began five years ago. I honestly can\’t quite believe it. I\’m not sure yet when they will be available at the bookstores, and how much they will retail […]

The illustration above is by Bira Dantas, a Brazilian caricaturist friend of mine who had sent me a caricature of Nestor Redondo and also of Eugene and me in 2006. This time, he sent me a caricature of, in his own words, \”Four great Comic Artists that came from Philippines!\” (Alex Niño, Ernie Chan, Tony […]

\”800 Komiks Novels\” is something that Carlo J. Caparas, as well as his own supporters, state as one of his achievements in Philippine comics. Many of his supporters brag that none of CJC\’s peers have accomplished anything of the like. Perhaps they believe that the sheer number of these novels alone makes CJC deserve the […]

Arlan Esmeña, my artist for \”Where Bold Stars Go To Die\” turned in the completed artwork today. I can\’t tell you how excited I am that we have finally come to this point. This story has literally been NINE years in development. I first wrote this story back in 2000, thinking that it\’s something I […]

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