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\”The Life and Art of Francisco Coching\”, a profusely illustrated coffee table book on the storied and colorful life of Francisco V. Coching, published by Vibal Publishing, will be launched at the National Museum in September. My contribution to this book is an essay on Coching and his impact on the current generation of Filipinos, […]

Komiks writer and filmmaker Carlo J. Caparas has recently been named National Artist for Visual Arts and Film. News report here. I will not say in this particular post whether Carlo J. Caparas deserves the title of National Artist or not, for that will be a subjective argument. Here, I will remain objective and stick […]

By now, you have probably heard that Carlo J. Caparas has been named National Artist for Visual Art and Film. See the news report here. I strongly protest this victory for the reasons I shall enumerate below. 1. Carlo J. Caparas is not qualified to be named National Artist for Visual Art. I\’m not sure […]

This is the day that the National Artists Award in the Philippines lost all its credibility. As an artist, I am deeply saddened, offended, and disgusted.

Formerly Manila Comic-Con, the Metro Comic-con is full steam ahead for August 8-9, 2009 at the Megatrade Hall in SM Megamall! I\’ll be there the whole day on August 9 to give a seminar on \”Conceptualization\” in comics in the morning, then have a comic book signing in the afternoon. Rest of the day will […]

I received some nominations for this year\’s Komikon Awards! From the email from the organizing committee: CONGRATULATIONS!!! You and your works are nominated in the upcoming KOMIKON AWARDS 2009. Nominations were held last July 01 – 15, 2009. You were nominated for the following categories: For Best Graphic Novel / Anthology: Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan […]

By Komikon in October I\’ll have the compilation of ELMER ready. I\’ve been debating with myself (and a few people) what to do with the book and how to distribute it. I\’ve always maintained that I would be bringing ELMER to the big bookstores once it\’s compiled. I\’ve reasoned that bringing ELMER to bookstores as […]

When I went to Sputnik in Cubao X a couple of weeks ago, I picked up two local independent comic books, both of which had chickens in them. All right! Chickens are invading Philippine comics! Peck em dead, guys! Me, however, I don\’t wanna ever draw chickens again. Well, at least in the immediate future. […]

Published in the Philippines in 1994 by Mahal Kong Pilipiinas, Inc., the 4-issue \”Batman Year One\” was notable in that art enthusiasts can see David Mazzucchelli\’s elegant artwork in glorious black and white. One almost wishes the words and balloons were not there just to see David\’s beautifully composed illustrations.

The Juan Shot Journal has posted an epic two and half hour podcast of the entire talk given at the opening date of the Road to MCC School Tour. This podcast includes insight from the newest Filipino comic book creators including Harvey Tolibao, Carlo Pagulayan, Jay David Ramos, Heubert Michael and many more. http://juanshotjournal.wordpress.com/2009/07/14/the-road-to-mcc-school-tour-up-diliman/

See Cartoons by Cartoon by Mike Keefe – Courtesy of Politicalcartoons.com – Email this Cartoon

All of a sudden, 30 titanic tons of work found itself on my doorstep. I\’ve been expecting this for a while, and I\’m glad it\’s finally here. Oh yeah! Bring it, baby! So this is it, I\’ll be hunkering down for a bit and I apologize in advance to visitors to my blog for I […]

Isn\’t it weird that someone asked me to recommend their work to people, and I dunno, to save me the trouble he said that he\’d give me a script of what I will say. Wha… are you weird? I\’ll recommend something if I LIKE something. And if I recommend something, I\’ll use my own words […]

Raule began by sending me messages right in this very blog several months ago, expressing an interest to meet me here in San Pablo. Ever since that time I\’ve been looking him up, and I learned that he\’s a pretty successful comic book creator in Spain, having comics written comics in his native country and […]

One of the regular visitors of this blog sent me the image on the left. The image on the right is an image that\’s been posted on my blog and online museum for many years. The Tagalog Klasiks cover has been somewhat of a pleasant mystery to me for a long time now because I […]

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