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\”Lasong Walang Kamandag\” (Poison Without Venom) Written by Teresita Arce Cruz and Rico Bello Omagap Illustrated by Noly Panaligan Tagalog Klasiks #111, October 3, 1953 (Translated and colored by Gerry Alanguilan) I thought it would be nice, as an occasional exercise, to take a random panel from one of my old komiks, restore it, translate […]

The question of the superhero in the Philippine setting has always eluded me. And today I think I\’ve hit upon one of the reasons why. I demand a lot from stories, specially my own. If I\’m going to do a superhero story I wouldn\’t just have him get bit by a radioactive salagubang and go […]

Oh man, it looks like a room full of naked men. That\’s what I immediately thought about looking at this detail of the Timawa finale. Timawa ended in the June issue of The Buzz Magasin, and from here, I don\’t know what the future holds for this character. There\’s no plans of compiling it at […]

So what have been up to and why haven\’t I been posting? I\’ve been incredibly busy. I haven\’t even had time to make You Tube videos in a while. I\’ve been doing the Martian thing. I\’m incredibly slow on it, pathetically so. But I\’m working on improving my speed, with Ilyn helping me do the […]

There\’s a lot of comics artists, aspiring and professional, here in the Philippines. A lot of them are looking for work abroad through the Internet, and more often than not, that\’s you reading right now. I found out about this scam through Rich Johnston\’s Bleeding Cool Forums, at these specific topics here: http://www.bleedingcool.com/forums/showthread.php?t=376 http://www.bleedingcool.com/forums/showthread.php?t=713 June […]

I\’ve been doing video blogs since July 2006. The very first video blog I did talked about a rained out Komikero meeting that ended up in our house. Now, I don\’t know what possessed me to start doing these things. But I\’ve always been fascinated by photography and video. Long before You Tube I was […]

Harlan Ellison writes, Frank Miller draws and Bill Sienkiewicz inks. A dream collaboration you wouldn\’t think in a million years could happen. But it did! It happened in December 1985 on the pages of Heroes For Hope, starring The X-Men, published by Marvel Comics. For three fateful pages, three colossal talents came together to create […]

A Master Plan

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Several months ago I joined a networking website that focused on the university I went to in college. Having been open to worldwide networking sites like Friendster, MySpace, Facebook and Multiply, I welcomed a networking site that focused on and accepted only members of the school I went to. Yesterday, I deleted my account and […]

I met comic book artist Dave Simons online when he added me as a friend on Facebook in January of this year. And he thanked me after I added him. I knew who he was and I was flattered that he actually wanted to add me. At the same time someone had set up a […]

It\’s time again for the Komikero Comics Podcast, this time featuring the gang from the Komikero Artists Group! The guys were over here last May 31 just to hang out. It\’s not really a proper Komikero meeting (that\’s this June 28 if you wanna come) as we all got drunk with our San Mig lites […]

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It feels weird that at the end of the month there\’s no Timawa for me to work on. For the past two years I\’ve devoted this time of the month to do the comics series for The Buzz and I have to admit, I kind of miss doing it. But part of me is happy […]