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I\’m an off and on reader of FHM Philippines. For the *ahem* articles. Well, not just the articles. I need it for reference. That\’s right. Reference. I\’m an artiste after all. *ahem*. And for a long time after seeing FHM feature all kinds of ordinary Filipinos from all walks of life including balut vendors, fish […]

At a local cafe again, just checkin\’ email. I\’ve been offline since yesterday. It\’s got to do with me having an invalid IP address and PLDT has been calling all day trying to fix it. Why don\’t they just give me a valid IP address I can enter manually, or why can\’t they just assign […]

Earlier today, it was reported that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, amidst a torrent of criticism towards the Bureau of Customs and their imposition of tax on imported books, ordered the Department of Finance to lift the tariff on books. The book blockade has finally been broken! But is it really? I hope people who supported […]

Wow, I almost could not believe it. President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has ordered the Department of Finance to cease the taxation of imported books. Taxes on book imports lifted http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=471074&publicationSubCategoryId=63 \”MANILA, Philippines – President Arroyo ordered yesterday the Department of Finance to scrap the taxes imposed on imported books and reading material. Press Secretary Cerge […]

The last time we had a podcast was last December! I thought we\’d have another go at it since we do have something to talk about, and that\’s the new Star Trek movie! Yeah! It\’s me and Ilyn again this time around, and yeah, as with all our podcasts, it\’s in mostly Tagalog. [Audio clip: […]

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I\’ve had ocassion to visit Cubao more often in recent weeks and I\’m amazed at the transformation of the Araneta Center. It\’s relatively clean, orderly, and not as crowded as I used to remember it. At street corners, security guards control the flow of pedestrians through the use of a rope. One end of the […]

Full official statement by the Unesco Philippines Commission opposing the imposition of import duties on imported books. Thanks to Manolo Quezon. Taxing Our Future Taxing Our Future mlq3 Full official statement by the Unesco Philippines Commission opposing the imposition of import duties on imported books. Publish at Scribd or explore others: Taxes & Accounting Business […]

It\’s unbelievable that a Philippine senator wasted an entire privilege speech crying blood and thunder and spitting venom all because of private sex videos that became public. Anti sex video bills are hurriedly filed and it\’s all the media can ever talk about. ARE YOU PEOPLE FUCKING INSANE? People have sex. And people shoot themselves […]

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There was a bunch of comics articles at yesterday\’s Sunday Inquirer Magazine, which came with the Philippine Sunday Inquirer, dated May 17, 2009. If I may say so, the comics articles were so numerous I\’m surprised it wasn\’t the featured cover. But that aside, This is a huge deal for all of us in in […]

My small group which includes Arlan Esmeña, Zara Macandili, Pilar Esber, Ilyn and me left San Pablo at six in the morning. We arrived at the venue relatively early at 8 am. We had a quick set up so I had plenty of time to go around and talk with people I knew before the […]

To recap: The Philippine government is in violation of an international treaty called the Florence Agreement of 1950 and Nairobo Protocol of 1976. Since the Philippines is a signatory to this agreement, they are bound to follow it. What is this agreement about? Basically, all books imported into the country should be tax free. Apparently […]

Summer Komikon is this Saturday, May 16, 2009 at the Bahay ng Alumni, University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City. If you\’re not sure where that is, you can download this file and open it in Google Earth. I\’ll be at the venue from 10pm until 7pm. My party includes myself, Ilyn, Zara and Arlan. […]

Summer Komikon 2009 Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City May 16, 2009

Yes, someone from the Philippine government said that. Pinoy book lovers criticize new Customs policy http://www.philstar.com/Article.aspx?articleId=466107&publicationSubCategoryId=63 It\’s no wonder why other sections of the government consider comics as not having \”research value\”. Many people there think alike. Are they really so uncultured and stupid? I don\’t have to answer it. They prove it all by […]

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