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Kajo Baldisimo is slowly making his mark on comics as he debuts as the artist on DEFUSER, published by Dark Horse comics. The DEFUSER is a spin off comic book from Stan Lee\’s SciFi Channel TV series \”Who Wants to Be a Superhero?\” Many of you are familiar with Kajo as the artist on the […]

The first batch of Elmer Gift Sets will be delivered today. Yes, we\’d rather prefer to hand these sets directly to those who bought them rather then send them via courier. We don\’t want to take the chance that it they will be lost, and that I feel it\’s much better to meet with those […]

The question of whether comics is alive or dead in the Philippines is a puzzling one. To me it is obvious. Philippine comics *is* alive and well, and I\’m baffled why it\’s even questioned at all. The problem lies with history. The Philippines has had a very long history of comics where people grew up […]

See Larger Image Here (pictured is the SIDTAKA, the nemesis of TIMAWA) Timawa will come to a close on the pages of The Buzz Magasin with the June 2009 issue. Unfortunately, it is ending prematurely. The Buzz Magasin, in alignment with The Buzz TV, is to undergo a wide scale revamp. Timawa will not be […]

April 2009

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To whom it may concern. I don\’t appreciate you publicly announcing that I will be conducting any summer classes of any kind without contacting me first. If I didn\’t stumble on it online, I wouldn\’t even know about it. I was never contacted for it, I never agreed to it, and I don\’t know anything […]

Here are photos of the Elmer Gift sets currently being put together. For the moment, we\’re able to put together only TEN sets together, and all of them are now spoken for. Apologies to those whose reservations came in later than the others. I just want to assure you that we\’re in the process of […]

http://indios-bravos.blogspot.com/ This is a group blog of several Filipino comics creators including myself, Edgar Tadeo, Gilbert Monsanto, Carlo Pagulayan, and a few others I\’ve still to invite (and those still to confirm).

I should be quarantined. Better yet, culled like the chickens in Elmer. You guys have to. It\’s an epidemic now.


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*Staying away from Twitter and Plurk for a while. Specially Twitter, after it vanished my last five posts, plus a number of private messages, overnight. I\’ll be back when those messages are back. *That\’s the last time I raise my hand to volunteer myself for anything. I\’m game for a lot of things, but now […]

This ELMER review comics from Linda Jeffreys, who hails from Newcastle, England. I wanted to post this because I found it truly amazing that Elmer could be appreciated in places as far away as that. I\’m posting the email in full, and with permission. Thanks Linda! *************** Gerry let me start by telling you my […]

Earlier today I was at SPUTNIK, a comics specialty shop located at the Cubao Shoe Expo (Formerly Marikina Shoe Expo) in Cubao, Quezon City. It\’s co-owned by filmmakers Lyle Sacris and Quark Henares. It\’s managed by a good friend of mine, Chez Fidelino. I dropped by to deliver copies of ELMER 2-4, as well as […]


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Butiki It doesn\’t seem to be, but it\’s dead. Crushed between the door and the jamb. Kalachuchi A plant that was here when we moved in. Boney Extraordinarily behaved. Skin Ilyn\’s talented hand. Lambanog Drowned grape.

Some of my friends are right, I can\’t believe it. I\’m starting to become a grumpy old man. The Grumpy Old Man of Comics! I guess I just can\’t help being who I am. And it\’s futile to be who I\’m not. If you plan on adding me on Facebook, here\’s something to remember. There […]

Komikero Publishing, in cooperation with Paper Basket, will be releasing severely limited copies of an ELMER Collection Gift Set, which would include hand bound copies of #1-4, and many other extras including a piece of original artwork (not from the comics, but specially made for each set), a CD containing \”Chicken Joy\”, Edgar Tadeo\’s documentary […]

Over at Twitter, Charles Tan asked the question, \”Which published story of yours would you like to be known for as your \’signature story\’\”? I had replied that I would like to think I haven\’t written it yet. After all, I\’ve so far published only very few stories. There\’s Wasted, Elmer, Timawa, Humanis Rex! the […]

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