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Just a series of photos I took of my dad and a cat that took a keen interest in what he was eating.

It\’s shaping up to be a better day today. I made a video blog which is still uploading at You Tube, gave the dogs a bath, and I\’m just getting ready to go to the market to buy some chicken. For the first time in a looong time, I\’m not the one who\’s gonna cook. […]

Moving on…

Standing from left: Gerry, Anne, Edgar, Jonas, Johnny, Geoff, April, Cheeto. Sitting/Kneeling from left: Pilar, Xyril. Welcome to new members April and Xyril! Over at You Tube, someone had the funny idea that the Komikero meetings were somehow \”Komikero from You Tube\” fans club. Which of course, they aren\’t. But I just thought it was […]

Just a couple of quick sketches, although I did get a bit color happy with it. I used Faber Castell Colouring Pens, a 30-color marker set which I got for P149.75 at SM Supplies a couple of years ago.

\”Last Hope\” is a story that I wrote, drew and colored for HOPE: HERO INITIATIVE, a benefit anthology to be published by Ronin Studios sometime this year. Hero Initiative is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping comic book professionals financially for emergency situations. This idea of helping comics veterans in their time of financial need […]

The video from our walking tour of Manila has finally been edited and uploaded. Featured are Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan, my brother Noel, nephew Robin and myself. Areas that we covered include Quiapo, Carriedo, Escolta, Binondo, Recto and Legarda. Photos from the trip can be found here. And more at Jonas\’ blogs here and here.

Yes, I know what that looks like! ha! ha! Yeah, more tripping! Weird Heroes 002 http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/1217 Weird Heroes 001 http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/1208

Apparently, there are two bills that are currently pending in the Philippine Senate that seek to revive Philippine Komiks through its use in education and dissemination of government information. Senate Bill 1929: PHILIPPINE KOMIKS REVIVAL ACT OF 2007 You can download the PDF version of the bill here. Senate Bill 1934: KOMIKS INDUSTRY ACT OF […]

Yesterday, February 21, 2009, I went on a walking tour of Manila with Jonas Diego, Johnny Danganan and my brother Noel. Our itinerary included Quiapo, Escolta, Binondo and Recto. With bits of Morayta and Legarda thrown in. We cheated a bit by riding a jeep from Abad Santos to Avenida, but by this time we […]

Just tripping! Weird Heroes 001 http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/1208

I\’ve been reading a lot of things about the death of the traditional publishing industry (print), and what it means for comics. It\’s undeniable now, specially after witnessing newspapers after newspapers take hits with plummeting sales and laid off employees. The book publishers have similar gloom and doom stories, and yes, even comics publishers. I\’ve […]

Just tripping! Weird Heroes 001 http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/1217

I finally had a bit of time to edit this video together and upload it. I wasn\’t able to upload it to You Tube (yet) as it\’s being a bit crappy now so I decided to upload it to Facebook, which I\’ve been using for some time now. It uploaded without a problem and it […]

Even though I said I\’m taking on more work from abroad this 2009, it looks like I won\’t be abandoning the local comics scene completely as there are a few local comics I will be working on this year. Of course, there\’s still TIMAWA that\’s published monthly on the pages of The Buzz Magasin. Then […]

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