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\”Last Hope\” is an 8-page superhero story I had been working on during the last week. The problem was to come up with a story substantial enough for 8 pages. It wasn\’t as difficult as I thought because as soon as I sat down to write, keeping my mind blank and free from distraction, ideas […]

My interview at ComicsCareer.com is now up: http://www.comicscareer.com/?p=410 Thanks to Tom Spurgeon at the Comicsreporter.com and to Forbidden Planet UK for mentioning the free ELMER #1 download! If you\’re just tuning in, the first issue of my self published comic book series ELMER is being offered for free! You can download a copy here. I\’ve […]

Yep, very messy. But I can\’t seem to work any other way. Today I\’ve set aside for writing. I\’m just going to write all day. I\’m writing an essay for an art book which I\’m having difficulty doing because it requires a point of view which I\’m not used to having. But I\’m going to […]

My normal quality video at You Tube continues to suck, so if you want to see this in better quality, you can click on the link below and click on \”Watch in High Quality\” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qJtrENnL8eM Or you can watch the video hosted at Vimeo: (although the High Quality video at You Tube does look better) […]

Komikero meeting day! The sun is out and the weather is great! For a moment there I was worried because it had been raining a day or so ago. The rains were good in the end because the weather is cool once again. A lot of new guys will be coming over which should be […]

Bumped up from January 17. (New Posts Below) IN CASE OF RAIN! As it seems to be raining a lot in the last 24 hours, you can find us in the covered courts behind the San Pablo Municipal Hall, beside Sampalok Lake. Yep! Everyone is invited! If you\’re going, bring your jackets because it\’s cold […]

I\’m finally properly back online. I spent part of my birthday hanging out with Ilyn, Ed and Anne, and Leinil and Yai at Leinil\’s place in Pasig. We haven\’t done that in a loooong time. I took the opportunity to do a short video interview with Leinil which will hopefully be online sometime next week. […]

Phone is down again so I have no Internets! The phone has been acting weird for a while. Lots of static. When the phone is on the hook, I\’m disconnected from the Internet. When it\’s off the hook, I get connected. Now the phone is gone altogether. Reported. I hope it goes back on soon. […]

Off To Manila

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I\’ll be staying the night with a *ahem* friend. No, actually, Ilyn and I will be staying the night at Leinil\’s along with Ed, his wife Anne. No particular reason. DVD marathon maybe. Oh excuse me. Leinil might object. Blu-Ray marathon. Plus, I\’ll be really interviewing Leinil this time, after it didn\’t work out the […]

There was a lot of press about this project back when we were doing it. I remember doing a couple of interviews for a few online comics sites. In those interviews I always say Superman was my favorite superhero and it was a great honor to work on him. Of course, that could easily have […]

I\’ve been getting quite a lot of notifications that there\’s Ebay items that I haven\’t paid for yet. There is a dispute, and my response is \”urgently required\”. Of course, I haven\’t bought anything from Ebay in years. Messages like this seem to have an air of desperation in them. As if whoever sending them […]

The past week has been as insane as every week preceeding January 15 for the past several years here in San Pablo City. That\’s due to the Coconut Festival that began within the last 10 years. I don\’t remember exactly when it started, but when I was a kid we didn\’t have anything like this. […]

Adam David\’s review of Elmer for the Philippine Free Press is now online and uploaded at my site as a scan. I redesigned the Elmer sub-site a little bit just to reflect the completion of the comic book. I just got home from Manila. I was down there visiting Leinil Yu for one reason or […]

Carlo Vergara and Reno Maniquis have illustrated one story each in the new edition of Graphic Classics: Ambrose Bierce. Carlo Vergara illustrated \”The Monk and The Hangman\’s Daughter\”, …while Reno Maniquis illustrated \”The Damned Thing\”. Congrats to Carlo and Reno for representing the Philippines among the best of the world\’s comics artists! Carlo Vergara, as […]

Pets ko, di na ma-reach.

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Boney, Milky and Eugene were featured in Animal Scene magazine in their October 2008 issue. I wasn\’t able to get a copy of it since pretty much the whole of October I was laid up in bed sick and during November I was scampering to finish Elmer #4 on time. I guess I\’ll just go […]

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