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The Kult of Komikon by Ramon De Veyra The Philippine Star November 30, 2008 \”This year’s Komikon may have been the best ever. It certainly seemed like it had the best attendance. People filled up the narrow aisles, jostling for space among the boxes and tables of cool swag.\” For the full article, click here: […]

Yes, I\’m embarrassed to admit, there are a few errors in Elmer #4. It\’s all my fault. I had been trying to finish Elmer #4 just in time for Komikon. The printer needed the files and I\’d been up all night laying it out and proofreading it. I basically had an hour for final proofread […]

Komikon 2008: The 4th Philippine Comics Convention http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5I63GL0pbs Normally, I would upload my Komikon video the night of the Komikon or a day after. This time, it took me 5 days. Komikon this year was more exhausting than usual, and I just spent the entire night and the rest of the next day resting. Then […]

ELMER 4 is now available at: All branches of Comic Odyssey. (Robinson\’s Malate [Manila], Robinson\’s Galleria [Quezon City], Cyber and Fashion Mall [Eastwood, Libis]) Store Info. Comic Quest, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong. Store Info. Druid\’s Keep, Gateway Center, Magallanes. To those looking for Elmer #1, Comic Quest at Megamall still has 11 copies as of this […]

By 12 noon it was already quite difficult to go around. There were that many people. I don\’t have a headcount, but it\’s quite plain to anyone who was there last year that this year\’s crowd was just insane. I\’ve had little opportunity to go around myself as I was almost completely tied to my […]

Immediate Post Komikon Report

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I\’ll have more to say tomorrow when I\’ve gotten a bit of rest. But first, thanks to all those who stopped by the booth to pick up Elmer #4, and Elmer back issues. I sold around 200 copies of #4! The crowd this year is INSANE! I don\’t have a head count, but based on […]

Final Pre-Komikon Update

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Tomorrow, November 22, is the Komikon, the 4th Philippine Comics Convention to be held at the University of the Philippines, Diliman Quezon City. It\’s actually the culmination of week-long activities which began Monday. The \”Komiks in Education\” Panel on Monday, November 17. Gilbert Monsanto, Elbert Or, Emil Flores and myself. The guy in the orange […]

And it\’s all mine! And the strange thing is, I\’ve had it for 10 years. At my parents\’ house. Jammed inside my other junk in my old room. As anyone who knows me will know, I fall prostrate like a gibbering fan girl at the foot of Barry Windsor Smith. For those who don\’t know […]

Komikon Week

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Tomorrow kicks off a week long comics event concluding with the comics convention on Saturday. I\’ll be at the University of the Philippines for two days of talks. My first day is on Monday, November 17, where I\’ll be talking about \”Komiks in Education\” from 1-4pm, and I\’ll be back on Thursday, November 20, to […]

In true Elmer fashion, Elmer #4 will most likely make another last minute grand entrance to the Komikon. I\’ll be bringing the files to the printer on Monday. Oh God I love my printer. They make quality printouts of my work, and they\’re incredibly fast. This last week was the homestretch of two years with […]

KOMIKON: The 4th Philippine Comics Convention is not limited only to November 22. It will be a week-long event which includes panel discussions, exhibits and workshops, all happening within the University of the Philippines campus in Diliman, Quezon City. THE FOURTH ANNUAL PHILIPPINE KOMIKS CONVENTION with UP LUNAROCK and UP GRAIL brings you a week […]

\”Tres Komikeros\” is a comics podcast website by a group of Cebu based comic book fans (and starting pros) which I listen to while I work. They\’re mostly fans of Marvel, DC and independent comic books so if you\’re going to listen to them, expect that they review newly released stuff from titles like Superman, […]

This is artwork by Arlan Esmeña for \”Where Bold Stars Go To Die\”. Arlan was hospitalized for a few days and was unable to draw for quite a while back in October so I was unsure whether this title will be released in time for Komikon. But he\’s working overtime now just to get it […]