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ELMER #4 64 Pages, Color Covers, B&W Interiors, P80 Date of Release: November 22, 2008 KOMIKON: The 4th Philippine Comics Convention University of the Philippines Bahay ng Alumni, 10am-6pm


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This is an idea I got from the blog of a friend of mine. It\’s a meme of sorts where I address a few people in my life as honestly as I can. I won\’t mention who these people are, but I will say what I really think about them. Some of you might get […]

October 2008 will go down in my personal history as one of the most eventful. I\’d rather not mention the more sordid events, but I can say that I was horribly sick at the start of the month. It took me more than a week to recover. A week later, my wife Ilyn fell sick […]

Click here for my previous post: The Anti Obscenity Bill: What Does It Mean for Artists? http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/652 \”REGARDLESS OF THE MOTIVE\” Armida Siguion-Reyna No Holds Barred The Daily Tribune October 10, 2008 \”Which brings me now to reminding all about the dangers of pending House Bill (HB) 3305, and known in the Senate as Senate […]


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Sorry for the lack of updates. All I\’ve been doing lately has been ELMER. I won\’t say I\’m all Elmered out, because I\’m not. As I get closer to finishing it, I\’m getting kind of emotional. I\’ll definitely miss these characters when I\’m done, but I\’ll be glad to have finished it. I like stories […]

This is a book I\’ve been reading as research for a project I\’ll be starting soon. I got it at a local Booksale for 15 pesos. I got hired for it a couple of months back, but since it won\’t be out till next year, I actually haven\’t gotten the script yet. In the meantime, […]

This is the original artwork for the cover of the first Wasted compilation published by Alamat Comics in 1998. It\’s one of the very few pieces of Wasted art that\’s still around. As a few of my friends would remember, nearly all of the original art to Wasted was destroyed in a fire that consumed […]

Carlo Caparas\’ classic komiks series \”PIETA\” is getting a lot of buzz lately because of a new adaptation of it TV. There are a lot of other news about it elsewhere, but the one thing that\’s never mentioned in any of these reports is the co-creator of the original PIETA komiks series, artist Steve Gan. […]

There was a time I had an account over at Friendster.com, but I\’ve since closed it for various reasons. I still do maintain a Johnny Balbona account over there but I don\’t update it anymore since, well… Johnny Balbona died. So anyway. Komikon contacted me saying that they partnered with Friendster to promote the upcoming […]

A new issue of Funny Komiks has just come out. At first I thought I missed an issue, but seeing now that this is numbered #1406, and the previous issue I featured was #1405, I can say it\’s been a month since the first issue came out. Scheduled to be released twice a month, I […]

Liquid City Giveaway Draw-A-Robot Contest!

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The people behind this anthology I contributed to, Liquid City, is holding a contest! From the Liquid City Blog: The “Liquid City” Comics Anthology launches on November 5th, 2008 and we’re giving away 3 free copies of the book. One winner will also receive a piece of original art! The Contest: Send us an illustration […]

My copy of \”The Art of Alex Niño\” published by Auad Publishing has finally arrived! It arrived when I was sick so I wasn\’t able to talk about it right away, but it did provide me with pleasant distraction while I was recuperating. I think it\’s an awesome book, collecting many of Alex Niño\’s illustrations […]

This is the first thing I did after being sick. Took me a week to recover! Unfortunately, this means there\’s no TIMAWA for the next issue of The Buzz. But there will be in the next one! Anyway, it\’s back to work on Elmer #4. This thing comes out next month at the Komikon!

I\’ve been flat on my back for the last three days from high fever and a bad stomach. Only now do I get the energy and the balance to actually check email and post something here. I\’m pissed because this seriously screwed up deadlines and the rent. End of the month-Start of the month is […]