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That\’s a photo from the signing at the opening of Planet X last Saturday. More photos from Budjette Tan, Jonas Diego, norby ela, Andrew, Angie Dumalus, and Richard Esguerra. The last three days have been incredibly hectic. It\’s only a preview of what my October is looking like. There\’s tons of things to do. In […]

Tomorrow (September 27) I\’ll be at the new branch of Planet X on the 3rd Floor, Ayala Mall, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center in Makati City. You can place a call at the shop at 752-9045. I will be there to sign comic books with the following artists: Leinil Francis Yu (Secret Invasion, Wolverine, X-Men) Gilbert […]

I think it\’s about time I did this, after planning on doing so for a few years. I\’ve uploaded a gallery of Nick Manabat\’s sketches and published illustrations and placed them online as part of the museum. Nick was a natural talent as these sketches came easily for him as breathing. He was quite a […]

Aside from reading and drawing comics, the one other thing I really love doing is cooking. I started cooking around High School, and one of the first things I learned to cook was spaghetti. It was easy! Just crack open a spaghetti sauce can, cook the noodles, mix them together and there you go! Spaghetti! […]

I\’ve gotten so engrossed in comics for the past 16 years that I\’ve almost forgotten that I had a totally different career a long time ago. I graduated from UST with a degree in Architecture, and several weeks before graduation, I was already working as a construction supervisor. I have a lot of stories from […]

In this the age of the Internet, it\’s getting more and more AWESOME getting stuff in the mail. Not email, but postal mail. I received a postal notice today, and in spite of the flood and rain, I just had to go to the post office to pick whatever it was that arrived for me. […]

The Alex Niño art book that I was talking about a while back is finally available online from the publisher, Manuel Auad. The Art of Alex Niño http://www.auadpublishing.com/books/nino-book.htm A new experience for Alex Niño fans and admirers of his exquisite work is now brought to you by Auad Publishing. Innovative, dynamic, superb draftmanship and breathtaking […]

It\’s not often I do commissions, but I do them when I have both the time and the interest in the subject matter. And I\’ve always wanted to try and draw ZUMA. I based this design on the original design by co-creator Elmer Esquivias, which made its first appearance in Rex Komiks #1 in June […]

There has been an increasing interest in the study of Philippine Comics history, which only increases the awareness that there is very little material readily available for research. You go to any local bookstore, and there\’s nothing there that will teach you even the most basic history of komiks or profiles of even its most […]

I\’ve had quite a peculiar experience over at my parents house a week or so ago. Rummaging through my dad\’s library, I saw a stack of old comics. Now I would be sure if they were mine, but they weren\’t. They belong to my brother in law. My brother must have brought them there for […]

Magandang gabi!! I was checking the spam folder of my comments section in this blog when I realized that there were suddenly lots of legitimate comments there. I saw ten legit comments there in a span of one day alone. Which is weird because it hasn\’t happened before. I think the spam program, Akismet, might […]

I\’m so speechless I have no comment. You just have to see it to see how speechless I am. You know you want to click it. You know you do. But be warned. You might be rendered speechless also. Interview with the ULTIMATE Pinoy Komiks Master! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TC3IKSJGFz8

Last night, Francisco V. Coching was awarded The Gawad CCP Para sa Sining 2008 for Visual Arts in a ceremony held at the Main Theater of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Manila. On hand were the Coching family including Francisco\’s widow Luming Coching (above, center). I also recognize daughters Maridel and Lulu on […]

This is my illustration for the Ninoy Art and Essays book. It\’s different from anything I\’ve done before so people who saw it didn\’t recognize it was mine right away. The coloring of this was done on the computer, and I\’m only starting to realize the almost infinite possibilities that one can do with manipulating […]

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