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I\’m just about to leave for today\’s Komikero meeting, and I really can\’t believe it\’s already six years since that day in Jollibee when the beginnings of the group began. I think it really must have been Jac Ting Lim\’s idea to meet with artists here in Laguna and it just went from there. Around […]

As far ago as 1999, perhaps 2000, I thought of this story about Filipina bold stars, classic ones like Coca Nicolas, Pepsi Paloma, Lampel Cojuanco, Sarsi Emmanuel, Cristina Crisol, Claudia Zobel, and Anna Marie Gutierrez. I thought it was just a cute little love story that could may well ruffle the feathers of many a […]

Liquid City Preview Pages Official Press Release \”Liquid City\” This November, Image Comics, the publisher who brought you hit anthologies like Tori Amos\’ COMIC BOOK TATTOO, 24SEVEN, PUT THE BOOK BACK ON THE SHELF and POPGUN, comes a unique collection of comics from Southeast Asia and beyond, LIQUID CITY. \”LIQUID CITY presents the unique visions […]

Taken October 2003, the photo above is one of the very first photographs of the Komikero Artists Group, at this time still being called the Laguna Artists Group. At the time the group was already one year old. This month of August marks our 6th year anniversary! And of course, what would Komikero anniversaries be […]

The new Komikero dot com is now up and running! It took a couple of days, but I felt I had to do it now because I\’ll be very busy the coming next month or so and I wouldn\’t have been able to take care of it then. The new site has an all new […]

I\’m currently redesigning Komikero.com. I was actually seriously considering THIS blog to be the new Komikero.com, since this is the one I update regularly anyway. And Blogs seem to be the \”new\” websites that people prefer to see rather than static pages. That may still come eventually. For now, I\’m doing Komikero.com as a portal […]

Completely laid out and hand lettered, Elmer #4, the last issue of my self published series, clocks in (or rather should I say \”clucks\” in) at 60 story pages. That\’s almost three times as many pages as any other Elmer issue. It\’s rather strange, you might think. Why not just make it SIX issues instead […]

I met Cory Aquino today. Pardon me, Former Philippine President Cory Aquino. I guess I had gotten so used to refer to her simply as \”Cory\” that it\’s hard to break the habit. It\’s by no means a gesture of disrespect, but it\’s testament to a Filipino icon, who in spite of her position, history, […]

Adam! sent me a document a few days ago, outlining a proposed law against obscenity here in the Philippines. I read the document with great interest, and with much horror when I realized what it proposes. I think a lot of people, not only artists, need to be concerned with this bill because while it […]

What with all this talk about GMA being in Secret Invasion, I set about *reading* Secret Invasion. I actually have issues #1 to #4, signed by ahem, Leinil. Now, I hear Brian Michael Bendis is one of the hottest comic book writers today, and in fact, he\’s been so for quite a while now. I […]

The komiks web has been ablaze about GMA\’s appearance in Secret Invasion, leading a few people to speculate if GMA is a Skrull or not. Take note that the the comic book does not note that GMA is a Skrull in the story or not. Leinil Francis Yu, artist on Secret Invasion, posts this clarification […]

According to the cover, \”Kids, here we are! The people\’s comics returns to give happiness to everyone!\”, indicating a return of this once popular title back into the mainstream. They decided not to renew numbering, but rather continue the old one. This issues comes in as issue #1405. The last time I saw Funny Komiks […]

Bago N\’Yo \’Ko Sumpain Written by Elena M. Patron Illustrated by Rene \”R.B\” Clemente I heard about the passing of veteran komiks illustrator Rene Clemente through Arman T. Francisco\’s blog, who read it from Randy Valiente\’s report on his own site. Both sites are in Tagalog. Taos Pusong Pakikiramay (includes Photo) Arman T. Francisco http://arman-komixpage.blogspot.com/2008/08/taos-pusong-pakikiramay.html […]

Short interview about a piece of drawing I did a while back. Thanks Mads! One Must Have a Quest Mads Bajarias http://blogs.gmanews.tv/mads-bajarias/archives/1-One-must-have-a-quest.html KC Cordero\’s Komiks Contest bears fruit. \’bagyo ang talent ng taga-baguio city!\’ KC Cordero http://comicspotting.blogspot.com/2008/08/bagyo-ang-talent-ng-taga-baguio-city.html President GMA is a SKRULL? Link from Azrael Colladila http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/2008/08/president-gma-is-skrull.html What is a SKRULL? The Return of Funny […]

I\’m currently putting together Ruben Yandoc\’s profile for the online museum. I don\’t have any biographical info on him though, but I do have a lot of artwork. I would very much welcome any info on this artist. Thanks! DANIEL Kenkoy Komiks #76

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