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This August, with the release of The Buzz Magasin\’s September issue, TIMAWA is on it\’s first year of publication! This issue holds special significance for me, not only because of the one year landmark, but because it\’s the debut of the SIDTAKA, the ruthless bad guys of the series. The SIDTAKA Warriors or as is […]

Sometimes when you\’re waiting for a bus you find that you have been waiting for a long time. Not a single bus passes by. Lots of buses pass by in the opposite direction though, but none in the direction you\’re going. You get frustrated and pissed, thinking it\’s a goddamned conspiracy. Then three buses arrive […]

Good old pal Jonas Diego tagged me once again, but this time I\’d be guilty as hell if I didn\’t do it. It\’s a blog award tag, and behind the award is a wonderful story of love and survival of a little boy given another chance to live through a heart donor. Please help raise […]

One of the most inspiring things I\’ve seen on You Tube, and I think every young artist (and even the not so young), amateur or pro, ought to see it. Scratch that. You MUST see it before you write another word or draw another line. Right now! http://youtube.com/watch?v=fGq-9X3ho7U

Fans of Alan Moore, Art Spiegelman and Dan Clowes should REALLY see this. Alan Moore just became ultimately cool, if he wasn\’t already. http://youtube.com/watch?v=prwpOgXNRhY

1986 seems like such a long time ago, and when I think about it, I never realized how dangerous it really was, doing what we were doing. We just stood up for what believed and had fun doing it. In the year before the regime of Marcos ended, our house, situated along a road that […]

There\’s supposed to be a few updates here by now, but my phone got disconnected. Stupid reasons really. Most significant is probably I got a million things on my mind right now, and the last thing I want to deal with are bills. Freaking fucking bills. I\’d rather not see them, touch them, or even […]

Writing ELMER, Manila Comic-Con, Another Video Contest!

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When this site went down, I went and posted new stuff on my Multiply account, which I can now say will be a back up blog just in case this one goes down. I don\’t post on Multiply all the stuff I write here though, but here\’s a couple of posts that I put over […]

Yep, this blog got blitzed. We still don\’t know how it happened, but the database got pretty screwed, and we\’ve had to rebuild the blog from a back up. Unfortunately, the latest backup was from July 16, and this means all posts since then, almost 10 posts (as I update almost everyday) are now lost. […]

For the first part of this article, click below: LAKAN: “Kings and Queens” http://gerry.alanguilan.com/archives/550 I have to admit that I was kind of shocked when I was told that we were going to redo everything. The characters will stay the same, but the story will be rewritten and we would have to go and draw […]

Or just became incredibly incredibly dumb. My dad called me up to say that he won’t be teaching tomorrow at a local school, a Catholic school, may I add, because classes were suspended because someone predicted that there will be an 8.1 Magnitude earthquake in the Philippines tomorrow, and that thousands will die. WHAT? My […]

Writing the story behind the great unpublished LAKAN comic book, the one that would have been the first but ended up never have been at all, I realized that it\’s going to take much longer than just one post. So the next couple of entries to this blog will be devoted to writing about LAKAN, […]

P-Noise, obviously a take on \”Pinoys\”, first came to my attention through an \”ashcan\” or a small photocopied preview in the form of a mini comic. Their stuff came complete with trading cards, which I thought was kind of coo. I think I still have those somewhere. A year or so later, they finally came […]

Cover by Ramil Peronilo Pagan Press Premiere is a large format comic book at almost 8\”x11\”. There is no exact publication date in the indicia, but one of the artworks is signed and dated February 14, 1994. At first I didn\’t want to get it, because it seemed potentially controversial, with the title and the […]

The one that really started it all. I\’m not certain how many issues came out, but the the image above represents the covers to the first 4 issues, 3 of which interlocks with one another. The first issue is the one on the upper right, and I assume that issue #5, if it had come […]

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