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I\’m an old time Punisher comics fan. By old time I mean I liked the very early Punisher comics, some of which were written by Frank Miller on the pages of Daredevil. But I think I mentioned it here before that my favorite Punisher comic book was the first issue of the very first Punisher […]

They said I could talk about it so I will! Earlier today at Druid\’s Keep in Magallanes I met with a group of people organizing a two-day Manila Comic-Con on October 25-26 at Glorietta in Makati. Looks to me like a major event encompassing comics, toys, action figures and cosplay. Talking with them, I wasn\’t […]

I\’m actually quite surprised this compilation is coming out, having read a lot of bad reviews of the series overall throughout the years. It was by no means an earth shatteringly good series, and the easily impressed teenager that I was when I bought it wasn\’t that impressed either. But there were some really memorable […]

Enough time has passed, I think, so I\’ll go ahead and post these two pages of \”Believe It or ELSE!\” strips I did for TOPAK a while back. It\’s a spoof of the popular \”Believe it or NOT!\” strips, the difference being all the \”facts\” in these strips are pure and utter bullshit. I really […]

Finally some news about Alex Niño\’s newest comics project! Dead Ahead #1 \”Water, Water, Everywhere!\” On a restless ocean, a group of weary survivors contemplate their grim fortune: What had started out as a fun little fishing trip soon turns into a nightmare of damnation, trapped on a floating prison. The continents have been hit […]

This is a flyer for the upcoming \”Liquid City\” comics anthology to be published by Image comics later this year. I wrote and drew a short story for the book called \”Love Hurts\”. Click the image for a larger (and more legible) image. This is an unlettered page from my story:

Komiks Articles on Philippine Visual Arts Blog

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Thanks to Mads and Jay the Philippine Visual Arts blog on featuring Philippine komiks on their site! A Francisco V. Coching Classic from 1955 http://philvisualarts.blogspot.com/2008/06/francisco-v-coching-classic.html In Praise of Pinoy Komiks Artists http://philvisualarts.blogspot.com/2008/06/by-mads-bajarias-i-have-recently.html Make sure you check out the other articles on the site because the variety of artwork featured on the site from all kinds […]

Ruthless Frank

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Typhoon Frank did more damage than people were probably expecting. Here in San Pablo we were quite relieved that the typhoon was headed away from us and into the South China Sea when it suddenly veered in its direction… and headed straight for us. Then the power went out. It all happened when most people […]

Stormy Season

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Back when I was still in school, I selfishly looked forward to typhoons because it meant there were no classes. I\’d wake very early in the morning, tune in to DZRH, and I waited to hear the three magic words: \”Signal #2\”, or better yet, Signal #3\”. And then I\’d spend the entire day looking […]

Hulk Stuff

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Has anyone seen Incredible Hulk yet? Well, don\’t tell me what happens because I haven\’t seen it yet! I am looking forward to it though. I just hope that when I go to Manila they don\’t show the damned movie on the bus! It can happen! I remember seeing them show Michael Bay\’s Pearl Harbor […]

Congrats to Gilbert Monsanto for their Manila Bulletin coverage a while back. As always, I\’m very happy every time that Filipino comics hit the news in such a high profile manner, and I\’m always proud of Gilbert\’s accomplishments. He gives a link on his blog, but you all know Bulletin and their screwed up archive […]

There are many things I don\’t throw away. Bus tickets, receipts, movie ticket halves, expired stored value LRT and MRT cards, letters, notes, and a lot of other really odd things. The same is true with my computer, and the many various files I manage to stack up through the years. In my hard drive […]

It\’s been a while since I posted some komiks art. Here\’s an awesome page by Alex Niño from Pinoy Komiks #71, published by GASI on January 27, 1966. Thanks to Dennis Villegas for this page, who considers this one of his favorite Niño pieces, and is considered by writer Tony Velasquez as \”a work of […]

It was perfectly understandable when ABS-CBN asked others in the media to keep a news blackout on the kidnapping of Ces Drilon and crew. It was as they said, \”made primarily for the security and safety of Ces and her companions.\” But I do find it strange that the same kind of courtesy wasn\’t in […]

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