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I\’ve posted photos of my good old friend Johnny Danganan here in the past. He\’s been the subject of many of my videos and he\’s the model for my character Johnny Balbona. But I really haven\’t written about the man himself. I knew him to be an \”installation artist\”, and for the longest time I […]

Thanks to Geoffrey de Vera for these photos of Filipino comics illustrator Jesse Santos at a recent Los Angeles Comics and Sci Fi Convention. Jesse Santos Art Gallery at the Comics Museum Online http://www.alanguilan.com/museum/jessesantos.html

The video really speaks for itself. :) Komikero Meeting, May 25, 2008 http://youtube.com/watch?v=DQ6d3gev4W8

The Komikero meeting yesterday was one of the more relaxing and comfortable ones, with Johnny and Jonas being specially cheerful and fun loving. This is just a preview of an upcoming video, which I hope to edit and upload soon, as soon as I recover from yesterday\’s bliss.

I\’m sure everybody\’s heard of the \”placebo effect\” where a sick patient is cured of an ailment by tricking him into believing he\’s been given medication to cure him when all he got was a pill filled with sugar. Basically, the patient is healed by the power of suggestion. I\’ve not seen it work myself, […]

From Mr. Hugo Yonzon\’s Blog Me and Jonas Diego will be giving a talk about comics at this Festival on May 31 at 3pm. **************** TAGAYTAY MULTI-MEDIA WORKSHOPS & FESTIVAL May 24 to June 1 FILM, CREATIVE, AND COMMUNICATION WORKSHOPS (Daily for One Week/ Intensive, Hands-on, Live-In) Venue: Development Academy of the Philippines Course Guru […]

I\’m the cook of the house. That\’s the deal with Ilyn. I\’ll do the marketing and cooking, she\’ll wash the dishes. I hate washing dishes, and I love cooking so it\’s really no contest. Modesty aside, I think I\’m a pretty good cook. More than once I thought that if the comic book thing doesn\’t […]

High School

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Ilyn is currently embroiled in the organization of their High School 20 years reunion. It seems she enjoyed High School a great deal and had a lot of friends from that time. Sad to say, I don\’t. I didn\’t like High School very much. There were only very few people I could really connect with […]


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This bit of news has really bummed me out. It\’s terrible thing to realize at how inhuman some of our fellow men can be. I can\’t even begin to understand how people like these cannot feel even a tinge of guilt at what they\’ve done. That they can look at the victims in the eye […]

Veteran Komiks writer Pablo Gomez will give a lecture on the History of Philippine Komiks on May 16, Friday, from 10am to 12noon at the Cosmopoint International Institute of Technology, 5/F CTTM Square, # 68 Timog Ave. cor Tomas Morato, Quezon City, Tel. Nos. 411-1196, 416-1104, 41-0737. They will also be having an Art Gallery […]

During my talk at the Lopez Museum, I was asked how one can develop an original style of drawing. It can be done, but it won\’t happen overnight. A lot of artists are very influenced by the comics they are reading. I myself was very influenced by Herge when I was very young, and much […]

When I had the opportunity to teach comics illustration at the College of St. Benilde last year, it gave me the chance to formalize my thoughts on the creation of comics. I thought I\’d write these down here in my blog so other aspiring artists could possibly benefit from it. Bear in mind that all […]

Creating Comics FAQ

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Hello, and thanks for the interest in my Creating Comics series. There would definitely be a lot of questions thrown my way, and this is where I\’ll be compiling most of the questions I believe would be useful to all those who visit it. The most important thing to keep in mind is that there […]

This is a response to an old blog entry by Janette Toral on her Philippines Internet Review Blog, where she invited people to share their stories about their first website. I got my very first e-mail address \”timawa@laguna.net\” (no longer valid) since November of 1996. I still had no computer at home, so I had […]

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