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Danny who? There might be one or two visitors to my site who might know who he is, but I think most won\’t. I\’ve never talked about him before anywhere, and I\’ve never really counted him as an influence in any way. Danny Federici died last April 17, 2008, and when I heard about it, […]

In the light of this example, I\’m curious as to how you can really protect your work online. For instance, if someone in Hong Kong (like the example in the link) puts together a book with artwork lifted from your site without your permission, how would you proceed? Oft mentioned advice is to always have […]

Carlo Vergara is currently working on a NEW ZsaZsa Zaturnnah story, and it\’s going to be previewed online! Check out a newly released image by Carlo of the new ZsaZsa: I\’m not sure exactly where he\’s going to preview it, but you can visit Carlo\’s sites where he talks about the new ZsaZsa and other […]

The puppies are turning out to be a noisy bunch. Well, one of them at least. After a week of observing them, I\’m now very aware of what their individual characteristics are. Boney (the less hairy one) seems to be more independent and smart. She\’s also more affectionate, but at the same time the first […]

Spook Out Sister By Ruel S. De Vera Philippine Daily Inquirer Last updated 17:17:00 04/25/2008 MANILA, Philippines–“My name is Alexandra Trese. I am nothing like my father.” Her father Anton dabbled in affairs mystical and mysterious; she—called “Little Trese” fondly and otherwise—has inherited his gift for the eerily unorthodox, with a difference. It is to […]

Great news from Budjette Tan. Trese is a gearing up to be a bonafide hit! Congrats to Budjette Tan, Kajo Baldisimo and Visprint! ******************** Last Wednesday, my friend texted that she got a copy of TRESE at National Bookstore, Greenbelt. I went there Thursday and it was already sold out. :-) I asked the lady […]

For a week or so now, representatives of PREDA Foundation having been inquiring after an illustrator who can work on a comic book they\’re putting together. It seems that their need is urgent, and after private inquiries have turned up no illustrators available, I\’m putting out an open call to anyone who might be interested […]

THE SPIRIT Teaser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEv7z9GeHdk The Spirit movie is based on Will Eisner\’s The Spirit comics series, written and directed by Frank Miller, creator of comic books like Sin City and 300, and writer of Batman: Year One, Daredevil: Born Again and Elektra: Assassin. Frank Miller has always been very \”cinematic\” with the way he told […]


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Leaving the old house today, I saw these two dirty puppies right on our front doorstep. Ok, it was more like gate-step. They looked bewildered, looking around as if seeing everything for the first time. Since our old house runs along a very busy street, the things were in very real danger of getting run […]


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They\’re selling me. And I don\’t even use an Apple. Maybe I should start. http://flickr.com/photos/erniea/2429142503/ Thanks to Ernie for the photo! Reminder to everyone who leaves a comment. Please leave your real name OR a link to a blog/site that verifies who you are, or send me an email. Otherwise, your comment is left moderated […]

This is Budjette Tan on the release of the first of several(!) TRESE comics compilations: TRESE BOOK 1 PREVIEW http://youtube.com/watch?v=h8-O5KtJqlg The newest issue of the Buzz Magasin (May 2008 cover date) has just been released, and it includes part 7 of TIMAWA. I\’m kind of happy with what I\’ve done in this installment. Must have […]

What\’s Truly Important

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It\’s the reason why we\’re all here, I\’d like to believe. It\’s the reason why we went to school and why we had to learn all this stuff, why we work and why we fight so passionately for what is rightfully ours. We do it so that one day we will have the means not […]

You would have probably noticed slight updates to the design of the blog. I realized that there might be people who come here who have no idea who I am so I thought I\’d place some info on the left column. I added a clickable gallery of my work right at the very top, and […]


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It\’s been so hot lately, it\’s insane. That\’s here in San Pablo. What more for you guys over there in Manila? The Komikero group ought to have gone to a swimming meet today, Lord knows we need it, but I didn\’t feel like it considering I was too bothered thinking about my brother. He fell […]

Joss Whedon created a TV series in 2002 called Firefly which lasted only 14 episodes. In fact, the show was taken off the air before all 14 episodes were shown. Bad ratings. It should have ended there. It would be commercial folly to pursue it further. Ratings had proven that the show didn\’t have much […]

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