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Jonas Diego, Myke, Edgar Tadeo, me and Nikko Carlo Cayaga. Edgar draws. A lot of fish love going on. Speaking of which… Scandalous Video to follow! More photos at my Multiply More photos at Jonas\’ Multiply Next Komikero Meeting: April 13. SWIMMING! Yan siguro pupunta na kayo. hm!

Simon Santos of the excellent Video 48 Blog has uploaded a gallery of film related artwork by Tony De Zuniga. Tony\’s subject is mostly the late great Fernando Poe Jr. (a staunch advocate of Philippine komiks) from his films \”Lupong Balisong\”, \”Zamboanga\”, \”Dakilang Balatkayo\”, \”Baril Sa Aking Kamay\”, \”Alamat ng Pitong Kilabot\” (no doubt inspired […]

Leandro San Juan \”L.S.\” Martinez\’s profile and gallery has been uploaded at the online museum and can be accessed here. L.S. Martinez is probably best known as the creator of the popular \”Superkat\” and \”Bulok at Tangak\” for Funny Komiks in the late 70\’s. Thank you very much to the family of L.S. Martinez, specially […]

Dopski Lorica sent me this short story written and illustrated by Arnel Avetria a while back. Dopski tells me that it was published in the US for a Filipino community in Phoenix, Arizona.

Panel from Elmer #4 Work on Elmer #4 is underway, although at this very moment, I\’m embroiled in finishing a Timawa deadline. I\’ve taken a few suggestions, specially from regular visitor Rod Samonte, and I believe it\’s helped me a lot in doing the seventh installment of Timawa, out with The Buzz Magasin at the […]

The new komiks releases for this week came as a surprise. I knew that a komiks adaptation of the popular TV program Maalaala Mo Kaya?, hosted by Charo Santos-Concio, was coming, but I didn\’t know it was coming THIS week. Further, TWO issues came at the same time, Series 1 and Series 2. I\’ll digress […]

Komikero Meeting, March 30, 2008

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Just a quick post to tell anyone interested about our monthly Komikero meetings, which aren\’t really meetings but a get together of artists here in San Pablo to sketch, paint, take photographs, talk about comics, movies, porn and other cool stuff. The next meeting will be THIS SUNDAY, March 30, 2008 here in San Pablo […]

Uploaded at the online museum is a gallery of Atorni Agaton strips written by Deo C. Gonzales and Illustrated by L.S. Martinez. Click here or on the link below: Atorni Agaton Gallery Philippine Comics Art Museum Online The Atorni Agaton gallery is a preview of Leandro San Juan Martinez (L.S. Martinez) to be uploaded shortly […]

In observance of Holy Week, I\’m posting this complete story written by Tony Velasquez and illustrated by Rudy Florese from Pinoy Komiks #77, cover dated April 21, 1966. I posted it because I thought Rudy\’s art really looked good in this. I read the story, and I have to be honest and say I didn\’t […]

After taking a break for one issue, Timawa returns in the APRIL 2008 issue of The Buzz Magasin! You can\’t miss it. On the cover you can see Timawa right over a picture of a half naked girl. Timawa will appear on this magazine every month from this time onward, with four pages for each […]

Sindak! is a new large format (9\”x12\”) comics magazine published by ABS-CBN. ABS-CBN Publishing is also the publisher of The Buzz Magasin where my Timawa comes out. I\’m a contributor to the first issue of Sindak!, contributing two full color pages. I was supposed to do the cover, but when editor KC Cordero put together […]

Steve Santos sent along this terrific painting of a chicken by his father, Mauro Malang Santos. With work on Elmer #4 underway, I find this greatly inspiring. Thanks Steve! A batch of photos from our talk last week at the UPLB has just been uploaded by paupsycho. Click here. I\’m now convinced that Manix Abrera […]

Filipino komiks writer Galo Ador Jr., passed away on March 10 2008 of cardiac arrest. Galo was active in comics in the 90\’s until Graphic Arts Service shut down, causing him to move to TV writing. Galo is best known as a TV writer who worked on Francisco V. Coching\’s Pedro Penduko, Alpha Omega Girl, […]

More information here: Auad Publishing Thanks to Ben Ramos for sending me the link!

This coming week the country will slowly come to a grinding halt with the coming of the Holy Week. If you have any bank business, post office and courier business, do them now. Or at the very least early next week, because they\’ll all be closed for several days. Working as a freelancer in comics […]

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