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The last Sunday of February was February 24, which was too early for the Komikero meeting. So it was moved to March 2, THIS Sunday! Sorry for the short notice, but I was kinda busy. There will be two meetings in March, the other one being on the last Sunday of March, March 30. Same […]

Thanks to Simon Santos of Video 48, we are given a rare look at some of Francisco V. Coching\’s movie poster artwork, specially movies that adapted his own comics-novels. This is Coching at his absolute prime, artworks that are perfect examples of the incredible dynamism of his figures. Video 48: The Art of Francisco V. […]


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Here I am, once again, in an Internet cafe because the Internet has become a necessity for me to conduct my work and my business. I\’m offline at home for reasons I don\’t know. My connection went down yesterday afternoon and it\’s never come back. I called PLDT and confirmed that I\’ve paid all my […]

It almost seems like a coincidence that after posting Dante Perez\’s The Cursed on this blog, Filipino cartoonist DengCoy Miel (who once graciously sent over this awesome illustration for Elmer) informed me of an exhibit in March involving Dante Perez, himself and a few other artists. The art exhibit will have it\’s opening night on […]

The last time I was in Iloilo was around ten years ago for an Architect\’s conference. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that a lot has changed. I\’ve always wanted to come back because my stay the first time was such an enjoyable one. I\’m glad to say that I enjoyed myself even more […]

Before I go to Iloilo tomorrow, I thought I\’d upload this complete story written and illustrated by one of the country\’s most unusual cartoonists. Dante is known locally as a comic strip artist, but I didn\’t know he actually drew comics until I saw this one. And it\’s a truly bizarre one. In a komiks […]

Everything is definite now. I\’ll be leaving for Iloilo on Thursday, February 21 for a talk I\’ll be having at the University of the Philippines, Visayas. I got this bit from Azrael\’s Komiks News Now… Introducing Ilonggo Comics and Animation A Lecture Series on Developing Local Content in Comics and Animation 21-22 February 2008 Training […]

Jose Castro Caluag, sometimes credited as \”J. Caluag\” or \”J.C. Caluag\” is the featured artist at the Philippine Comics Art Museum Online. His son Reynaldo Caluag got in touch with me about his dad, and he provided valuable information and photographs about this artist whose work I often saw, but knew little about. Here\’s an […]

Just a small update to those who have been buying original comic book art from me. I haven\’t uploaded any new pages, but I am happy to announce that you can now pay me through Paypal as they have finally offered full services to the Philippines. I tried it out when they first announced it […]

Apologies go to KC Cordero and the rest of The Buzz Magasin team that I was only able to turn in two pages of Timawa this month. There are various reasons not the least of which is my obsession to turn in really good work, causing me to spend more time on a page than […]

Emil Flores wrote an article about the Life and Death of Komiks, a summary of events at the \”Pasko ng Komiks\” at the University of the Philippines last December. The article can be read at Azrael Coladilla\’s Komiks News Now. As regular readers of this blog would know, I was a bit disappointed that I […]

It turns out that Crescent Shield\’s first CD, \”The Last of My Kind\” was quite a success and they\’re now working on their second album. And again they want me to do the cover for it! Absolutely cool! Definitely, I said yes. Not only are they a really cool bunch of people, but I feel […]

At long last, this title finally comes out. This was actually set to be the very first mass scale tagalog 10 peso komiks, back when Mango Comics was still the editorial team handling Sterling Publications\’ comic books, long before Carlo J. Caparas came into the picture. The history of this comic book has been a […]

My adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe\’s \”The Black Cat\”, appearing in Graphic Classics 2008 Special Edition, will be part of Free Comic Book Day on May 3, 2008. Basically, this comic book, along with other selected comics, will be free on the first Saturday of May, in all participating comic book stores all over the […]

Budjette Tan informed me about this comic book Wasted, created by Alan Grant and a host of other artists including Frank Quitely. Apparently, it\’s an anthology, and it is open to submissions, even from outside the UK. I\’m sure Budjette was curious as to what I thought about it. For those of you who\’ve yet […]

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