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There are books that I have owned in the past, whose value seem to grow as time passes, even if they\’re no longer with me. Mostly, they were books given to me by my parents, books with their dedications on it, given to me at a time that I was perhaps to young and stupid […]

Komikero Meeting Alert! This is a reminder for those who may want to join us tomorrow, Sunday, January 27, for our Komikero meeting here in San Pablo. Click here for more info. Comic Book Creation Workshop! To those who have been asking me for a school about comics here in the Philippines, the next best […]

This is a response of sorts to Carlo Vergara\’s post on his blog titled \”Floundering: A Comics Conundrum\” where he notes his floundering interest in reading comics. I too have experienced the same thing, but the strange thing is, it\’s happened to a lot of people I know who were big fans of comics who […]

I\’ve written a lot on this blog about the great Filipino comics artists and the influence and inspiration that they have given me. This time around, I wanted to share the art of some of the non-Filipino comics artists whose work I admire and have inspired me greatly. Michael Golden – He worked on the […]

There\’s some new pieces uploaded up at my Original Comics Art page. I found I\’m continuously having to update the page because certain pages from certain titles get sold rather quickly. This is for those inquiring when my next update will be. I\’ve put up another cover from X-Force, new pages from High Roads including […]

After taking a break for several months, the Komikero meetings will resume this January 2008! As usual, it will be on the LAST Sunday of the month, which falls on January 27. The venue will be the parks surrounding Sampalok Lake here in San Pablo City, the most common location we use is pictured above. […]

One of the things I did upon turning 40 was to think about the things I\’ve done so far. I went to the old house earlier today and rummaged through my boxes of documents, artworks, letters, photos, etc. I\’m a pack rat. I keep a lot of seemingly inconsequential things like bus tickets, receipts, and […]

These are covers from Rex Komiks #4-7, published by Rex Publications, Inc. in 1978, representing a unique characteristic of this title of the time, that of \”page one covers\”. Simply put, the very first page of the very first story of the anthology comic is also the cover. The cover is not a separate entity […]


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The last day I was nineteen I was in Malabon, desperately trying win over a girl before I turned twenty. By that time I\’ve never had a truly serious relationship, and typical of the young and immature, I felt that if I didn\’t have a girlfriend when I stopped being a teenager the world will […]

Sterling Komiks Series 6 finally came out within the last 3 weeks after some considerable delay. Unfortunately, I was only able to get 4 of the 5 titles, with Super Funny Komiks selling out, or it not being delivered here to San Pablo City, I\’ve no idea which. Regardless of what I feel about the […]

One of the rare times our family is together in one place. This was taken on January 1, 2008, at our old house here in San Pablo. I suppose I shouldn\’t call it an old house because after all, it was constructed in 1989. But it is the site of the house we used to […]

The past couple of months have been a blur. As far as I\’m concerned, yesterday was the end of 2007, and today is a new day, and a new year. It feels very much like a whole new, and whole different chapter in my life. I worked like mad for the past several weeks just […]

Art from Elmer #3 It\’s the first day of a new year, and I thought I\’d make a post right off the bat, in the spirit of taking everything that I can possibly can out of this year, 2008. 2007 wasn\’t very good, but I\’ll be damned if I don\’t make my own choice, and […]