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During the early days of my site, I had a \”Comic Book Art Tips\” section. Unfortunately, it was hosted in my old Laguna.net site, which has gone offline when I closed my account. Of course, I could easily re-upload it to Alanguilan.com, but reading through it again, I realized that there\’s a lot about it […]

Martin Cadlum, a very strong driving force behind the revival of Komiks has left as Sterling Publishing\’s Business Manager, leaving a lot of speculation as to his reasons, and the fate of Sterling Komiks. I\’ve met Martin and I know how progressive his mind can be when it comes to comics. He is open to […]

But I\’m at least glad that good pal Azrael was able to give Neil a copy of my latest Elmer issue. Thanks Az!! You\’re the man! I wish I could have gone to the Fully Booked event, but I\’m home working on the Graphics Classics deadline, for which I\’m already rather late for. Neil Gaiman […]

Jonas Diego paid me a visit today, which was timely, since I was home. I wasn\’t able to go to school today, partly because of concerns about the weather, and mostly because I didn\’t think I was well enough to make the trip to Manila and back. I haven\’t been feeling all too well the […]

There\’s a huge typhoon coming, and as of this hour, it looks like a direct hit for the Southern Tagalog region where I just happen to live. It\’s supposed to hit sometime tomorrow or Sunday and I\’ve spent the morning doing some preparations. I went to town to buy supplies like rice, canned goods, candles […]

Today marks a new day in my life. It\’s not my birthday, nor is it the new year. But in many ways this is a whole new year for me. I feel grateful that it was still within my choice, and that I was still able to make that choice, and that decision, to change […]

Timawa continues on the pages of The Buzz Magasin this December! The third installment is now out, cover dated December 2007. You\’ll know it\’s the issue when you see the image above hovering above Piolo Pascual\’s sensitive area on the cover. That is probably the first ever Timawa drawing I ever drew, way back November […]

Edgar Tadeo created this documentary on Elmer, and I guess on me as well. When he first approached me about this, I thought sure! It could be fun. I didn\’t realize Ed was going to go completely hardcore on me with this documentary stuff. Holy Shit! When I first saw a semi finished version of […]

Me and Ilyn. Photographs by Edwin Fornoles The Komikon has certainly become one of the most important dates within a year for Philippine Comics. Without government support, without big publishers, with no real compensation other than the satisfaction that people want to read your work, comics are relentlessly produced by Filipinos and Filipinas that hold […]

Just got back from the Komikon. Well, it feels I just got back. All we could do after we got home from Manila last night was just collapse into bed and fell straight to sleep. I\’m still recovering from what I can definitely say to be the best Komikon so far. In spite of the […]

It\’s surprising that vlogging, or video blogging here in the Philippines has suddenly enjoyed quite a surge, with the arrival of a lot of Pinoys and Pinays doing it in recent months, most notable of which is CokskiBlue, who is fast becoming popular as a vlogger locally. Manuel Viloria talks a bit about it here. […]

Komikon, the Philippine Comics Convention, is now on it\’s third year and will be held this Saturday at the UP Bahay ng Alumni, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City from 10am to 6pm. If you\’re unfamiliar with the place, download THIS FILE, and then open it in Google Earth. One of the biggest draws […]


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This is why I hate politics. We had the Barangay Elections last month. The sitting Barangay Captain was running again. I had no problems with him, and was quite helpful when I needed Barangay stuff so I had no problem voting him in again. On election day he was joking some distance away from the […]

November 7 Update: Cover Added ELMER #3 Cover Here\’s a few panels from Elmer #3. I\’m sure some of you may have already seen the last one below. It\’s the demonstration page I used for The Making of Elmer article for Sketch Magazine a few months ago. Everything\’s going fine. Just a week to go […]

My first professional inking job was a few pages of Harriers, published by Entity Comics back in 1994. I inked Mark Vunkuykiat (did I spell that right?). It was then followed by two near-full issues of Aster: The Last Celestial Knight, where I inked Oliver Isabedra. I was very young back then, at least very […]