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New artists making their debut in Sterling\’s new komiks line include Thor Infante (wasn\’t he simply TOR back in the day?) who is responsible for the cover of Gwapo Komiks above as well as illustrating Lumaban Ka, Totoy Bato, written by Carlo J. Caparas. Dell Barras also makes his debut in Super Funny Komix, illustrating […]

Whilce Portacio has a new official site! WHILCE PORTACIO http://www.whilceportacio.net/ I remember Whilce\’s first official site, Whilce.com, which was active during the time of Stone. I wonder what happened to it. You could download a Whilce Portacio Stone desktop theme and other cool stuff. Actually, I still have that Stone desktop theme somewhere in my […]

From the Malang Blog: \”Cartoons and Illustration strips Malang made from 1947 to 1967, including: “Labuyo,” a serial published in Sinagtala 1947; Established a \”Pilipino Komiks,\” (Bughouse) with Gat; Created “Kosme the Cop,” the adventures of a city policeman; “Kosme the Cop [Retired],” about the henpecked husband who gets into all sorts of scrapes; “Chain […]

I\’m not really looking forward to going to Manila today. Normally I would, but after that really miserable day last week when we had to go to Manila on a rainy day, amidst traffic and flood, it almost made me swore off going to Manila at all. I wish I had that luxury. Today we […]

What with all that went on recently, I forgot to post this follow up vid to my True Love short film. Yes, it\’s the bloopers/outtake reel! Watch This Video At YouTube And if you didn\’t catch the full short film itself, click here. All involved really had a great time doing it. All in all […]

One of the things that make me excited about Sterling Paper entering publishing comics is that not only will comics will be more widespread beyond Metro Manila, I was also hoping that it could encourage other companies to invest in comics. As I\’ve always mentioned before, a lot of us have been making comics in […]

Allright Johnny, I\’m doing this only because you\’re one of my good pals. he.he. I remember doing things like this when I was in elementary. Who would have thought it would make a great comeback in the Internet age? But it\’s fun, in a strange sort of way. It keeps you from growing up a […]

Our friendly neighborhood pirated cable signal has pretty much confirmed that there\’s something wrong with our sun. This probably explains why it\’s raining a lot. I don\’t know how long this outage will last, but I hope it passes quickly because I\’m starting to hate all this rain.

Something happened on the way home to San Pablo, after I spent a day in Manila last Saturday. I taught comics at The College of St. Benilde in the morning, chatted with a friend in Makati in the afternoon, then caught a bus for the long trip home. I was very tired, sleepy and hungry, […]

Reno Maniquis mentioned this in the comments section, and I think it\’s worthwhile to write a whole post about it here. Sterling Publishing is calling for a meeting of all you young comic book creators tomorrow (September 24, Monday) afternoon at 3:00pm at the Sterling office in Ortigas. I\’m not sure where this is, so […]

September 25 Update: Video Links Updated In Search of Steve Ditko Part 1 of 7 http://youtube.com/watch?v=0qbfopT7T88 This is a BBC documentary by Jonathan Ross about one of the most influential and yet most elusive comic book artist that\’s ever been. He co-created many characters including Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. The Documentary comes in 7 parts, […]

Waking up at 4 in the morning so I can leave for Manila at 5 am can be a serious pain. I\’ve never liked leaving the house that early. I guess it just feels strange. To get to school at 8:00 at least, which would give me enough time to settle down and prepare, I […]

Old pal Ferres left a comment a while back: \”But Gerry looks cute. You kinda want to pet him… until he starts ranting that is. ;P\” He.he. I actually laughed at that. Thanks man! I actually know Ferres from waaaay back. He\’s one of the very first people I met in comics, long before I […]

TOPAK Humor Magazine #1 is a new title I have some work in which has just been launched at the recent Book Fair. It\’s contributors will have a book signing on Saturday, September 22, 2007 from 5-7pm at Powerbooks, Greenbelt, Makati. Hey, here\’s another poster for you guys to dissect! What do you think? :) […]

Had myself a laugh when this suddenly appeared on our TV. I was amused, but a little bothered as well. \”Telkomvision\”? I\’ve long been dissatisfied with our cable service. I used to watch CSI regularly, but now I can\’t. Because our AXN\’s signal is terrible. Halfway through the show, the signal would pixelate and would […]

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