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Trips to Manila seem to be something I\’m doing less and less. I lived there for 15 years, rarely coming home to San Pablo (only doing so to visit my late grandmother, grandfather and brother during November 1). After college I began working and I was able to come home on weekends. When I quit […]

I\’d forgotten to mention a bit of work that I did that were recently released, both from Graphic Classics. The H.P. Lovecraft volume was released a couple of months ago, and is actually a 2nd edition of a volume released some years ago where I contributed an illustration adapting a passage from Lovecraft\’s poem \”Fungi […]

The komiks industry is just about to be revived (just a couple of weeks left), and I have to say I\’m really excited at the thought of seeing these komiks again on our streets and in the hands of the Pinoy. This is really what we\’ve all wanted from the start, and I think every […]

Francisco V. Coching Pilipino Komiks #286, May 17, 1958 Comics are rife with images of women, and Philippine komiks are no exception. Probably too much exposure is given to the more \”physical\” aspects of women, specially Filipinas. It\’s no crime to show Filipinas as beautiful and attractive, but certainly, it\’s no crime to show how […]

It looks like I\’ll be doing new Timawa stories far sooner than I expected. I great opportunity fell on my lap to do Timawa the way I want to, and I really have to have a go at it. It\’s going to be tight, work wise, but that\’s allright. I had set aside a bit […]

Timawa is my somewhat serious stab at doing a proper \”superhero\”. It was not my first attempt, as I was involved in the still in limbo but completed LAKAN. I created a superhero for that called \”Katutubo\” who could absorb tectonic and volcanic energies of the earth and use it for a variety of things […]

Back in the late 90\’s, I was what you could consider a \”gamer\”. A computer gamer, at least. I was right there when the newest games would come out and play them. My favorites are the First Person Shooters (FPS) like Unreal, Deus Ex, System Shock 2, Half Life, Blood 2, Thief (1 and 2). […]

Roots is something I mentioned in my previous post, not literal, but figurative. But they\’re as strong as any on centuries old balete tree. I cannot explain the attachment I have for my hometown of San Pablo City, here in Laguna, and how, having lived in Manila for 15 straight years and having gone to […]

It\’s very interesting that several countries around Asia are having similar concerns as the Philippines when it comes to their respective comics industries. Critics say revival of local comics needs better content A. Junaidi, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta August 13, 2007 \”Hikmat said better education — a classic problem that not only hampered Indonesian comic […]

Me and Ilyn have a monthly getaway to our local Booksale, usually near the beginning of every month when new stocks arrive. Lacking a bona fide bookstore here in San Pablo, Booksale is our next best thing to finding materials to read. I\’ve always liked the Booksale chain of book and magazine stores because it\’s […]

Earlier on I talked about gaining some feathered friends, but as much as I enjoyed their company, I\’ve had to let them go. I took to feeding the chickens that passed by in front of the house and they sort of got used to getting fed by me. Whenever I\’d go out of our gate, […]

Filipino comic book illustrator and painter Jesse Santos will be at the Comic Book and Science Fiction Convention at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday, August 19, where he will be signing from between 11am to 4pm. He will be there along with writer Don Glut, in their first public appearance together. The […]

Mike Wieringo was an artist I wasn\’t a fan of, but I was familiar with his work and I respected him as an artist and as a fellow professional working in comics. Looking at his art now at his site, I feel bad that I wasn\’t able to fully appreciate him as an artist, and […]

Arno from the comments section asked me about my drawing tools and I thought I\’d post a scan of some of the things I use to create my comics. I use a variety of tools, combinations of which differ with the kinds of projects I do. From the top, the first thing there is a […]

\”Tales of The Big City\” is a series of short stories I did for PULP MAGAZINE during its initial issues in 2000. On its third issue, I wrote the story of a bus driver, inspired by real events I read about in the newspapers. I just read it again and I was taken aback by […]

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