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The Filipino komiks artists simply love doing two page spreads. The history of Philippine komiks art is just ripe with legendary spreads as those by Alfredo Alcala for Voltar, Alex Niño for Pamela, and the collaboration of Francisco V. Coching and Federico Javinal on the opening chapters of many of their komiks-novels. In the 70\’s, […]

The time is fast approaching for indisputably the biggest event in Philippine comics all year round. I\’ve always enjoyed myself during this particular event, but I think this year I might not be there for the entire day. It falls on a Saturday and I have classes in Manila in the afternoon. I just might […]

The date for this year\’s Komikon, The Philippine\’s annual Comics Convention, now on it\’s 3rd year, is finally set for November 17 at UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman, Quezon City. I will be launching three titles at the event: The Humanis Rex! Collected Edition, Elmer #3, and the collected edition of Francisco V. Coching\’s […]

Nick Manabat was a friend I knew a long time ago. But I have to admit, we really weren\’t that close because it was really hard to know him back then. He was quiet and hardly talked. If he talked it was in barely heard whispers. I met him mostly along with my other friends […]

Disheveled, hair down to my chest, arms with ugly red lines, I glared at everybody inside the jeep. Drunk nearly every weekend, I staggered home, and cried to sleep in the dark, wishing for death. It was truly a dark place I was coming from, in the time that spanned July 1993 and July 1994. […]

As is apparent with this title, I expect people to read this post with an open mind, and with a little more scrutiny than simply a cursory glance. Because I will not be explaining anything. Read between the lines. Use a little of the old brain matter. I\’m telling a story here, and a very […]

Just as I decided to start blogging again, my blog decides to whack itself out. Sorry if this page currently seems to be out of order. There\’s little I can do on my end as it\’s a problem with the host. A lot of wordpress blogs seems to having this same error at the moment. […]

Just a quick note to share with everyone who reads this blog: An article by comics historian John D. Lent on the Transformation of Asian Comics. And the fact that we Filipinos no longer have a unique identity in comics. The article is a bit long, but I think you owe it to yourself as […]

At dahil mahal ko pa rin ang komiks ng Pilipino, taos puso ko muling inaalay sa inyong lahat ito. Mabuhay ang komiks Pilipino! Does my blog seem WHACKED OUT to you? I mean, the layout and appearance. Hang on as it\’s being fixed.

Blogging is something I hadn\’t planned on doing again so soon, but there are a couple of things I wanted to write about that just can\’t wait. But before that, no apologies for my earlier post. I meant every word. I still feel the same way now, and even more so, specially in the light […]

I Might Be a While…

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The short of it: my computer is wrecked. I think I will be able to retrieve most of my data, so it’s not a complete pisser. It will be a while before I get things back in order though. Before I go any further, I would like to assure that those I have any obligations […]

It\’s always great news, and a good sign for the comics industry whenever a new comic book store opens. It\’s why I try my best to help promote it, specially if it\’s part of a comic book chain that has been very supportive of local talents and comics. This new store, Planet X, is opening […]