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Pilgrimage to Calamba

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Calamba, Laguna is the place where Jose Rizal was born, and the house he was born and grew up in still stands today. I wanted to visit the house, which has since become the \”Rizal Shrine\” which had been restored and preserved. We made a family outing of it, with Ilyn\’s mom, sister in law […]

Reading things like this is very distressing. I\’ve talked about things like this once in a while in this blog, trying to make readers here aware of the things they should know about being comic book creators in the Philippines. Philippine komiks is in a turbulent period of transition. Old practices are slowly, and painfully, […]

Thanks to my old pal Oliver Pulumbarit, who is now, among other things, a writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer, I am part of an ensemble interview on the current issues of the Philippine comics industry. Check out the interview here: Rediscovering the \”komiks\” Wellspring http://showbizandstyle.inquirer.net/ Oliver wrote of a clarification of the article on […]

Antonio Garrovillo has brought me news of a new Philippine Comics Portal, http://komiks.ph. In his words, the site is built \”…with the intention of making it a portal and promoter of news about all things related to local comics to the general online public.\” And I consider this a really good thing. Something like it […]

Several people have asked why I wasn\’t at the recent Toycon. I really didn\’t plan on coming this year. In fact, I didn\’t attend other comics events recently like the one in Mall of Asia, and I most likely won\’t go to the Sci-Fi con as well. I just decided to concentrate on just working, […]

I\’ve always wanted to hand letter my own comics. And I wanted to letter them on the original artwork because I believe it to be an integral part of the art of a comic book page. And I still believe it. It\’s something I will apply to certain special projects like ELMER, which I will […]

Komiks editor KC Cordero is reporting that veteran Filipino komiks illustrator Nar De Mesa has passed away. Nar has been known for his clean style used appropriately to romance stories for a variety of publications. Below is a cover that he did for Sinderela Komks in 1969. I met him briefly in January 2004 and […]

My old monitor had been going screwy since late last year. It developed a slight flicker on top of the screen which disappeared after the monitor warmed up a bit. The flicker disappeared after longer and longer periods of time, until it never went away at all. I\’ve had to resort to shrinking the screen […]

I can finally make the announcement that \”The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Dr. Rizal\” will begin serializing in FUDGE Magazine beginning in August, with two full color pages a month! I\’ve been receiving a lot of feedback about this series from this blog and from pages I posted at DeviantArt, and like Elmer, there\’s […]

ORAS MO NA! Part 9

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Internet is back, and the first thing I do is upload this much delayed installment of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Although this may get delayed from time to time for various reasons (most common I would expect would be because of work), I\’m committed to fully color each page of all 33 parts and […]

It\’s not having Internet that really burns me up, it\’s the fact that come next billing, PLDT will STILL be asking me to pay for service I never got. In the comments section, Reno tells me that they do offer refunds, which makes this situation not completely suck. I can go to a cafe once […]

Woke up this morning and we didn\’t have any dial tone. I thought, we can\’t be disconnected, we\’re all paid up. I went to my parents\’ house to call and it\’s ringing. I went outside and nothing seems to be down. What\’s going on? I did a couple of strips, which you can see at […]

This is something I don\’t usually do, post announcements from other people, but these are good friends of mine and I think they really need the help. I think they are a good company to work for (as long as you\’re not a screw up or lazy or whatever). *********************************************************** URGENT JOB OPENING: a local […]

From Tony Isabella: *********** Dear Comics Professional, If you are approached by an individual named Rick Olney or a representative of this man, if you are approached by Olney or anyone else representing entities known as The Mighty Mini-Con, TightLip Entertainment, or ORCA, we strongly urge you to run in the other direction. There is […]

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