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Due to things happening at home, I\’m once again sad to report that this week\’s ORAS MO NA! will be delayed a week. Can\’t be helped. I guess there\’s just some things you want to put ahead of others. And this is one of those times. By the way, new visitors to this site please […]

This is an entry in my daily online comic strip which I am posting here because it has something a bit to do with ELMER. Not really directly related, but significant to me personally. My online strip is going strong three weeks running, and it has sort of evolved from the first time I did […]

Tagged by Jonas (and this time glad to be), it took me only a short while to reflect what makes me feel great… what makes me feel proud to be a Filipino. EDSA 1986 Coching. Alcala. Niño. Redondo. The greatest of them all. Rizal. A personal hero. Tagging Rene, Adam, Kuya, Rafael, and Dennis.

A few months ago Sketch Magazine editor Bill Nichols got in touch with me about doing something for the magazine. Since I\’m no longer inking and heavily into doing my own stuff, specially ELMER, I proposed the idea of doing an article on how I put together one page of ELMER from writing to laying […]

Start from the Beginning HERE. Finally uploaded is Part 8 of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Thanks to Kenny at Forbidden Planet for an article featuring the the story, and the restoration we\’ve been doing. Thanks Kenny! Gerry Alanguilan Restores and Recolours http://forbiddenplanet.co.uk/blog/?p=3946

Just updating you all about this project and let you know that it has not been forgotten, and in fact work is ongoing on it on a regular basis. I\’ve taken on an assistant, Zara Macandili, to help me restore the pages, who is working on El Indio at least 2 days a week, wherein […]

Before anything else, just a quick link to Ilyn\’s blog in which she has something important to say for all our friends. Thanks! ************ It was never in my mind to do a full scale restoration of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! I just intended to scan the pages, fix the contrast, hue and saturation […]

For many years I\’ve resisted the idea of doing comics on the web while sporadically attempting it nevertheless. I\’m pretty attached to the notion of always having my comics on paper, reading them while lying in bed during a rainy day, and it wouldn\’t matter if there was no electricity. Even now during typhoons when […]

At last! Part seven of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Watch out later in the week as I\’ll be uploading a short article on how a page of ORAS MO NA! is restored. Click Here to start from the beginning.

Preparing for this series has pretty much taken most of my working time the last few days. For those looking for ORAS MO NA!, I truly apologize. I\’ve colored all but one page of Part 7, but I\’ve decided, upon the suggestion of Ilyn, to just release it this Thursday. The artwork above is the […]

Although I had a You Tube account as early as February of 2006, I didn\’t start making video blogs until \”Komikero Video Blog #1\”, several months later in July. By \”video blogging\” I mean sitting in front of the camera and talking, offering views, opinions, stories etc., very much like the standard blogs many people […]

Humanis Rex! was a proposal I\’ve had in mind for many years. It was part of a proposal package I sent to a local newspaper for their Sunday color strips. That didn\’t push through for one reason or another, and I proposed it again to another publication, this time a hobby magazine. Unfortunately the magazine […]

I\’ve taken the habit of heading straight to my drawing table and drawing something for a full hour before I even wash my face, brush my teeth, open the computer or have breakfast. I\’ve learned that if I do this, it puts me in the mood to draw the entire day. Before I used to […]

Click Above for Part 6. Click HERE to start from the beginning. Edgar Tadeo came up with another teaser for his ELMER documentary, which has me scratching my head and thinking, Ed must be out of his mind! But the teaser looks really nice, and very well put together. Thanks Ed! ELMER-CHICKEN JOY 2 Documentary […]

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