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Komikero Meeting yesterday, and turnout was pretty good. There was the ever reliable Jonas Diego, Rene Enriquez, Ed Tadeo, Henry Anima II, Zara Macandili, John Becaro, Jake Sumbing, and Rod Andres. People, including me, actually drew things this time around. Understandable in my case as I was trying to meet a deadline. Ed was trying […]

WHAT IS HOME? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=35Z0xr46DBo In all the videos I\’ve put together, this is probably my favorite one of them all. If a video can ever describe an individual in so many minutes, this probably one that can give you a good idea of who I am, and the things I consider important in life. The […]

Quick Sketch 2, Interview Tonight

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In 1981, me and my family were visiting Philtrade along Roxas Boulevard. I\’m not sure what it\’s called now, but it\’s still there, right beside the World Trade Center. It didn\’t look like a ghost town like it does now. It was almost like a mall, only with mostly native handicrafts, furniture, paintings, etc. A […]

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Trees are among the first things I tried to draw. I find I keep drawing them all the time. I like trees. They give me a sense of stability, of serenity, of longevity. I think trees are beautiful, no matter how gnarly, pitted, or distorted they become. In fact, the more gruesome they are, the […]

The Marvelous Adventures of the Amazing Dr. Rizal This is one of my upcoming projects that I\’ll be doing alongside ELMER. It is my first attempt at an all-ages comic strip, one that can be read by both the young and the old. No grit. No blood. No profanity. No nudity. Just all out fun! […]

Johnny doesn\’t like Mascots. Panel from Johnny Balbona. Mwahaha #4, 2005 Johnny Balbona is dead. At least for now. How many times did he die on the pages of Mwahaha! anyway? Most of the time he died off panel, at the very end of the strip where his shenanigans brought him the ire of people […]

Wasted director Noel F. Lim called me (collect!) for updates on the Wasted movie. He\’s well into shooting it with new actors, and has been showing footage to people (except ME, may I add). Kidding aside, it\’s hard for us to get together anyway because he lives in a remote part of Quezon City, while […]

ORAS MO NA! Part 4

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The fourth installment of Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA is now online! The next couple of installments would be a bit disturbing, as it was meant to be. I\’m still trying to figure out how to color the next installment, where I hope to convey faithfully the creator\’s intent without blunting the effect it was […]

Carlo Vergara shares an interesting point of view in lieu of the recent discussions on the komiks industry in his blog here. It\’s a point of view that I really haven\’t considered that seriously before, hell bent as I am on being an artist first and foremost, and to heck with other considerations. But coming […]

To Philippine based readers, you can see an TV interview of me about Philippine komiks at Studio 23\’s NEWSCENTRAL this coming April 27. Newscentral begins at 10:30pm and my interview will be within the last 10 minutes of the show. Other people they approached to interview include Arnold Arre and another group, so that gives […]

Final Thoughts on the Komiks Congress

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Two months after the conclusion of the Komiks Congress, held at the National Center for Culture and the Arts on February 27, 2007, I offer my final thoughts on what went on, and what effects I feel it had on the komiks industry. If you wish to read my previous thoughts on this subject, to […]

Once in a while I come across a comic book that makes me laugh. The Intrepid Torpedo by Aris B. Panganiban is one of them. Granted the art needs a lot of work, but it serves the purpose of telling the story well, it\’s definitely a very fun read. The great thing about it is, […]

I\’ve got a very busy weekend up ahead. I\’ve still got a page of comics to draw and color tomorrow before I head off to Manila on Saturday to be part of a panel judging of students\’ thesis at the College oF St. Benilde. There are a lot of students so it\’s definitely going to […]

Here\’s part 3 of the 33 part comics serial written, illustrated and lettered by Rudy Florese. I want to express my thanks to my wife, Ilyn, Rudy\’s daughter, for helping me scan and clean the original print komiks pages. We have no access to the original artwork themselves so we make do with a complete […]

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