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In an unprecedented act of utter cluelessness, Atlas Publications, publisher of defunct komiks title Pilipino Komiks, has served a cease and desist order to Rising Star Printing Enterprise to stop publication of the recently successful Filipino Komiks #1. The notice states: \”The use of \”Filipino Komiks\” in your publications is a clear case of trademark […]

Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! Begins today! Click on the thumbnail row above to start reading. Part 2 will be uploaded a day early next week, on Wednesday, April 4, 2007. Me and Ilyn will be retreating once again into the mountains for the Holy Week, and won\’t be back until Easter. It\’s the time […]

Rodolfo Obrero Florese was born on April 20, 1946 in Sto. Domingo, Nabua Camarines Sur, Philippines. Artistically inclined at an early age, he wrote, drew, lettered, colored and even bound his very first comic book Argado when he was 13 years old. A few years later, at 17, he would begin his professional career as […]

Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! begins this Thursday, March 28. Compared to many Filipino komiks serials of the 70\’s and 80\’s which had hundreds of parts (each part is 4 pages), Oras Mo Na is relatively short at 33 parts. Rudy preferred writing stories that were short, to the point, and have definite endings. Ironically, […]

Looking over a copy of Ochlocrat, a comic book I worked on in 2001, I can\’t help but smile. I remember working on that character, this crazy fella with a mean streak who gets his in the end, and I remember how much fun I had. The late Doug Miers wrote this story, and his […]

Komiks Covers at Nostalgia Manila

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Nostalgia Manila begins a weekly segment featuring komiks covers in cooperation with this site. The covers go up every Thursday. A rare cover for defunct comic book REX KOMIKS is currently featured, from the KC Cordero collection, including a really funky movie poster from the time. If you\’re a Filipino who has fond memories of […]

Four years ago, I adapted a short story by Bram Stoker, \”The Judges House\” for Graphic Classics. The work was very interesting. There was no script. I was simply handed two versions of the short story, one version was the full short story, and another was a condensed version by my editor, Tom Pomplun. I […]

When I was very young, I think I couldn\’t have been older than eight, me and my classmates in grade school went to watch a movie. I remember it being part of our school activities because we had our teacher with us. I also remember us walking from school to a movie house in town, […]

Rudy Florese\’s ORAS MO NA! will begin serialization on this site beginning Thursday, March 29, 2007, four pages a week as it was originally released. \”Oras Mo Na!\” is one of the few stories that Rudy wrote, drew and lettered for various Philippine publications from the late 70\’s to the mid 80\’s. In the US, […]

Yesterday I was with Ilyn at her old home in San Nicolas here in San Pablo to visit her family. Her mom\’s brood of sisters and aunts have a compound on which they each have their own house. I brought the camera and took some shots around the compound. There is a water well at […]

El Indio and Other Updates

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Kristin Mandigma, organizer of the Rodcon 2007, interviewed me for the website Propaganda. The interview has actually been up for a while and can be found here. Some people have been asking for updates on the El Indio restoration project that was begun a couple of years ago. I had initially set an approximate time […]

Ebay Philippines is BAFFLING. I tried selling some comics cover there but my item was denied because they claim I was using \”banned\” or \”improper\” words. What? Banned or improper words? What, you mean like fuck and shit? I used none of those words, and none anything even closely resembling even the spirit of those […]

KC Kordero, Founder and Editorial Director of Filipino Komiks, very kindly loaned me a large collection of komiks from the 1970\’s that he recently came in possession so I could document them, as well as digitize selected artwork for preservation and upload at the online museum. Presented here are some of the covers from that […]

Not really the end just yet, but almost! Two more installments to go and it\’s all done. This is a series I began around March or April of 2005, now it\’s two years later. Two years! Two months from now, when I\’ve finally finished this, I\’ll write an extensive article on the creation of this […]

Having secured permission from Rudy Florese\’s family, the online museum will soon begin serializing one of Rudy\’s classic komiks stories, \”Oras Mo Na!\” serialized in Pioneer Komiks in 1984. The series will remain in tagalog, uploaded in 4-page installments weekly every Thursday, as it was originally published. Exact launch date to be announced shortly.

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